Samsung washing machine in good condition for sale[url=][url=][url=][url=][url=][url=]

I’ve a Samsung washing machine with maybe two years left on its five-year warranty up for sale (I still have the warranty card lying round somewhere, will pass it to you after purchase). It’s an automatic washing machine as you can see from the attached images (click for bigger view), and if I’m not mistaken it’s got a 8kg load or something like that - will confirm if you contact me, because the pictures were sent to me by a friend haha.

It’s barely been used (because we students are a buncha lazy people, even with a washing machine round we just couldn’t be bothered to do our laundry), just been lying round Miri 'cause I didn’t have the time to sell it off after leaving Miri for Kuching very very abruptly. It’s practically brand-new as we’ve only really used it for less than a year in total. Am thinking of selling it at RM375 (got it at RM600), but prices are negotiable if you’re willing to make a fast deal with me.

I’m making a weekend trip to Miri today, heading back on Sunday evening, if anyone’s interested, just text or call me, and hopefully we’ll manage to get things all sorted before I zip back to Kuching.

Contact me at 012-8880878. My name’s Irene, of course =) Do NOT message me here as I’m not sure if I can actually access the net while on holiday - I am planning to travel light and not lug around a laptop.

hi irene…hehehe…i want…i want…i get it 2mrow k…pai2…tq