Samsung Notebook Series

Finally Samsung have launched their notebook series. And theres this model X360 that proved to be lighter than its competitors and the specs of a high performance notebook. The pricehmm still not sure …any ideas?

hope it is as good as it’s said

well i’ve already went and check their price…
it selling around 5k! well thats actually cheap compared to other competitors…

Yes! The Samsung notebook has finally launched. Found their launch on Youtube.that means we can at least see it selling in pc stores…now let see the real thing.

samsung notebook actually have been long in the market edi, only thing is it is not selling in malaysia.

Oooo i see, but do you think it can sell in malaysia? i checked the specs and its not that bad… i wonder the durability only.

wait till i check it out any site?

Hi lace, you can go to their official site which is but i rather go and see for myself in the shops.

i checked it out. but the spec is so so nia oh.
wat is its selling point?

[quote=“lace”]i checked it out. but the spec is so so nia oh.
wat is its selling point?[/quote]

The selling point is the design and the Battery life i suppose.
but we will never know for real until we actually own one.

so who is adventurous enough to buy 1 :)?

cuz i see the spec is nth special oh

i went to big pc malls in kl and still cannot find samsung notebooks…
any idea where i can find them?

buy direct from the site losl