Samsung galaxy s2 white colour

Samsung galaxy s2 for sell.2nd hand…
White colour .no scratch .look new.

reason selling?

Too many phone…me gt extra 1 samsung galaxy s2. and also want change to htc one x

How old and warranty?

Already been use 8month…left two month.

pm best price

Post pictures of it at least can show the condition? PM me best price :slight_smile:

G or non G?

Sms me at 0168982972 yr best price,950 i take tommorow

SMS to me your BEST PRICE. If condition of the phone is okay, then i take also. 010 595 7777. Thanks.

sms me ur best price…
i take 2moro

take now…lol

hahaha !!

Yoohoo TS, no reply?? You serious in selling ah?

PM me ur best price. if the price is ok with me. i send the cash to u. LOL

I take RM1000 tomorrow only if you want…
SMS Me 014-582 8119.

I take Rm1000 if you want today.
Sms Me 014-582 8119.

LOL… everyone is giving out offers automatically here but sadly the TS semua sik reply… sad sad,

Ts not really want to sell his s2…cheating everyone around…last time I SMS him and offer 1000…he agreed…but delay me 1 day and 1 day for cod…then suddenly offer me 1200 for black color s2…

icic ~