Samsung Galaxy note - Official Android 4 / ICS

Mcnet Owner of Samsung Galaxy Note, Has you upgraded the latest official Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS / Android 4) which was made available since 23 May’12 ??

Those upgraded to the Official ICS, Any comment so far ??

I saw a colleague update the SGN to ICS, runs quite smooth. Impress to say.

Not much different in terms of batt life, so far. As for web browsing, a bit smoother compared to previous GB 2.3.6 - or maybe just psychologically ah? :slight_smile:

I like the new ICS version of Google+ app.

so far so good, not very smooth also. jz fair.

Downloading ics now…

yes, it drains my batt lah…and smooth like a charm too…

Currently market have many types of tablet of phone have ICS…latest is Ainol Aurora, and Nova Notes A9.

go for it…

very cool stuff and apps…can i get one ?


Alamakk… My battery drained so much faster than b4… U guys faced the problem too? Previous 2.3.6 are so much better in terms of the battery life… Regret changing!

updated to ICS manually before with europe ICS released, rooted… now reverted back to stock gingerbread no rooted… happier… :mrgreen:

battery problem , some of the games cannot run in ics. really regret changing…

Updated. … Not so friendly use
Anyway to revert back?

use pc to flash back to 2.3.6… need some knowledge.

U know how to flash back?

i hv done to mine, consider yes i think.

i have been using german ics with taiwan modem for the past 3 weeks…battery life is good for me.

but offical rom is not smooth n stable enuf for me… its also depend on how u use… if u hv on the data network. really drain battery…