Samsung Galaxy Note battery level not changing!

I need help frm android pro out there. My galaxy note when charge the battery level no change at all… Even thiu charge one day. Urgent help… Use different charger no difference, change battery also no difference. Help please …

Change to fonemax battery and charge only with charger adapter.

connect using USB cable to your PC and see if it can detect or not. If cannot, your USB charging port kaput dy.

If can detect, which means your hardware is ok, only software problem. You can try this:

  1. Turn off your phone and take off the battery. Wait around 2-5mins.
  2. Put back the battery to your phone and DON’T TURN ON FIRST.
  3. Connect your charger while your phone is turned off. It should charge now.
  4. Let it charge for 10-15mins then turn on your phone. It should charge normally now.

Maybe your charging port got problem. You can go to ARM at Imperial. They only charge RM80 to repair it for you. Same problem happen to my note. Already fixed it. Only few hours to get it done.

Thanks guys… will try tomorrow.