Same laws apply for bloggers, says BN rep


Same laws apply for bloggers, says BN rep

At the Dewan Rakyat

Bloggers are bound by the same laws as writers of newspapers and journals because what is wrong in the physical world is just as wrong in the cyber world, said Datuk Markiman Kobiran (BN Hulu Langat).

While not calling for a curb on blogs and bloggers, he said he acknowledged that they had a role to play in the society.

“But they must be responsible for what they write and say,” he said in moving a motion of thanks to the King for his royal address.

Markiman said that while the Internet was an important information tool, it was also used to send poison-pen letters or e-layang.

On phishing by cyber criminals, Markiman said not much was done in Malaysia to stop criminals from getting data through the Internet for wrong use.

He also said the Government was taking too long to pass laws on personal data protection, which existed in 90 countries.

“It is imperative that Malaysia hasten the enactment of the law,” he said, adding that it could affect efforts to make Malaysia an outsourcing country after India and China.

“The confidence of foreign investors depends on this law’s existence as outsourcing means that personal data would flow into Malaysia,” he said.