[sale] batu niah land for sale

Batu Niah Land for sale
with access road
nearby petro station
nearby Batu Niah coffee shop
Old road
1acres plus+



ZuruBina Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated on 23rd April 2009.
The company was incorporated with its prime objective of full participation in public and private Housing Development and also Building Projects which in line with Malaysias Vision 2020, either single handedly or in Joint Venture packs with local concern.
ZuruBina Background & History
We ZuruBina Sdn. Bhd… & its associated group of Companies (i.e. ZHENG YUE BUILDING CONSTRUCTION SDN. BHD. & BLM ENGINEERING AND SERVICES SDN. BHD. & BINTULU LANDMARK SDN. BHD. & LUK ENTERPRISE SDN. BHD. & SMARTOWN SDN. BHD. & BIMAWA SDN. BHD.) had been in the housing developing and contracting business for more than 30 years. Our objective is to provide affordable lodging to all. With a group of dedicates and very experienced staff, we are mainly specialized in:

  1. Land Development
  2. Civil Engineering / Contractor
  3. Building Construction / Contractor

Contact Us
ZuruBina Sdn Bhd welcomes your questions, comments, suggestions, compliments, and complaints as one critical way to continuously improve our services to you.
Your attention and co-operation to the above matter is highly appreciated.

ZuruBina sdn. bhd.
lot 6764, 1st flr, L4-2A, jln dato permaisuri 5b,
desa pujut, 98107 miri, sarawak, malaysia.
e-mail: support@zurubina.com
home page: www.zurubina.com
tel: 085 663 150
fax: 085 663 596
hp: 012 873 5096 (mr ting)

pm price and details, got locality plan ?

available ?

Hello, I might be interested in the land.
Please PM me the details, I would like to know the price.