Saeh villagers get help with food aid distribution

Food aid being loaded into a truck to be brought to Rh Mentali community hall in Saeh.

MIRI: The more than 1,000 flood-affected villagers in Saeh, Niah received food aid yesterday from the Welfare Department and other government agencies.

The aid were delivered to 15 affected longhouses by personnel from the Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba), army and Civil Defence Force (APM), according to Subis district officer Husini Bakir, who said a total of 1,257 packages were distributed.

The longhouses that received the aid were Rh Ayai Sungai, Sg Saeh Putih; Rh Danggang, Sg Saeh; Rh Limbang, Sg Saeh; Rh Untol, Sg Saeh Merah; Rh Pilet, Sg Saeh Putih; Rh Sikun, Sg Saeh Merah; Rh Linan, Sg Saeh Merah; Rh Jelani, Sg Saeh Putih; Rh Nyala, Sg Saeh Putih; Rh Nelson Ningkan, Sg Saeh Putih; Rh Suring, Sg Saeh Merah; Rh Mentali, Sg Trusan Saeh; Rh Sumok, Sg Saeh Putih; Rh Edward, Sg Saeh Putih; and Rh Webster Rangkong, Sg Putih Suai.

“We are trying to distribute the food packs today (yesterday) while some of the other food packs might have to be distributed tomorrow.

“As for the flood condition in Saeh, it has improved but the flood in Kampung Tiris, Bekenu has worsened, although there is no need for evacuation so far,” he said when contacted by The Borneo Post.

Meanwhile, the secretariat of the State Disaster Management Committee said as of 4pm yesterday, villages in Subis district affected by floods are Rh Kilat; Rh Nendak, Sg Saeh; Rh Dennis Ho, Sg Saeh; Kpg Sinop; Kpg Hunai Niah; Rh Nandak, Sg Saeh; Kpg Dagang Niah; Kpg Tegageng, Kpg Iran Suai, Kpg Baru Suai, Kpg Muhibbah, Rh Boniface, Niah; Rh Bulin, Niah; Kpg Lajung, Kpg Padang Niah, Kpg Bulau, Bekenu; Rh Maling Gudom, Niah; and Kpg Kuala Suai.