Sad face in the sky

I heard the news said there was sad face in the sky at 5.30 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. If you can see it now, plz capture it

normal guy camera cant captured…might need a zoom lens

got such thing? i know got such nice magic hour now…

go captured ah ier

izzit old story again?got in youtube

that day i gt read in news…but not sure we here also gt

not sure bout tat
but at Kl cant see anything except blue sky
will see it later
but ever see smiling face before

go see cacatkia, he always has sad face … why so hard try to find it in the sky … ?

tats normal ma rabbitx
me want to see something that we can see easily
tats human

didn’t notice…

didn’t notice…

Sadly no one saw it.

didnt notice