Saberkas Nangka Branch teams score a double

MUKAH: It was a double joy for the Saberkas Nangka Branch teams when they won both the Men and Women Categories of a futsal competition held, here, over the weekend.

Being the champions of Sarawak Saberkas President Cup Futsal Tournament, these two teams from Sibu Division walked away with total cash prizes of RM2,500 (namely RM1,500 for Men and RM1,000 for Women) plus trophies and medals.

Staged at Indoor Stadium Mukah from 22 to 23 October, first runner-up of the Men category was Saberkas Kalaka Branch that took home RM1,000 cash, trophy and medals.

Second runner-up was the team from Mukah (Saberkas Tellian Ulu Branch), that had to be contented with RM800 cash, trophy and medals while the fourth spot went to Saberkas Katibas Branch, taking home RM500 cash and medals.

For the Women Category, the second and third spots respectively went to Saberkas Pekala of Mukah and Saberkas Pahlawan of Sibu. They respectively took home RM800 and RM600 plus trophy and medals.

In fourth position was Saberkas Jemoreng from Matu District taking home RM400 and medals.

The champion Nangka teams were indeed the class of their own, when their players Muhammad Shafiq B Taib and Salehah Bt Mohamad Sulaiman, were adjudged as the best players of the Men’s and Women’s categories respectively in the two-day tournament.

Assistant Minister of Public Utilities(Electricity and Telecommunications) who is State Saberkas Secretary-General Dr Haji Abdul Rahman bin Junaidi gave away prizes to the winners.

The participating Men’s teams were Kala Satu Balingian, Balingian , Dalat, Kuala Rajang, Nangka Sibu, Petanak Mukah, Jourdania Judan, Tutus Hilir, Tellian Tengah, Tellian Ulu, Kapit, Jemoreng Matu, Pantai Damai, Penakub Permai, Pasar Mukah, Pekala Mukah, Masliba Balingian, Pulat Balingian, Sungai Alo, Saratok, Kalaka, Tellian Laut, Samariang, Katibas and Daro.

The women teams of the tournament hosted by Saberkas Balingian Branch, were Kala Satu Balingian, Balingian, Pelawan, Nangka Sibu, Dalat, Piasau Miri, Jemoreng Daro, Medong Dalat, Pekala Mukah and Layar Betong.

Also present at the final and prize presentation ceremony were Balingian State Assemblyman and Saberkas Balingian Branch Chairman Abdul Yakub Haji Arbi; Political Secretary to the Chief Minister and State Saberkas Deputy Secretary-General and Jemoreng Saberkas Chairman Abu Seman Jahwie; State Saberkas Executive Secretary Iszuan Haron and Sarawak Member of Youth Parliament Malaysia and the organising chairman, Royston Bin Valentine.