Sabah Lahad Datu Intrusion

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THE INTRUSION of the group of Sulu armed personnel into the FELDA oil palm plantation had created public interest, doubts, fear and many questions have yet to be answered. Until today we see the whole situation is unclear and the news were blocked and censored. This gave rise to a lot of speculation and guessing on what is actually happening in Lahad Datu.

The KK MP Hiew King Cheu was on site in Lahad Datu and went near to the area where the incident had occurred. The place looked peaceful and quiet, and the people went on with their usual daily activities. This is just the reverse from the news as reported that looks hectic and as if an emergency state is occurring there.
There were all types of rumors and unconfirmed news flying around, but how true is it? The official news media owned and/or controlled by the BN government had not reported any details but only carried the news on so and so were there trying to do something.

Is it for publicity or just to show to the public they are doing something? In fact it is true enough that the people in Lahad Datu and Sabah are blaming the government for their ineffective way on handling the situation.

The question that the MP Hiew wants to ask is why this big group so called foreign militants with heavy fire arms is not being apprehended immediately but allowed to stay back for talks and to spell out their demands?

The various state and federal ministers come and go, and what have they achieved so far? It is more than two weeks now, and how long will the standoff and the surround action have to continue?

The news report also mentioned that some people in the group are Mycard holders, and that means they are Malaysian. The Malaysian laws stated that anyone in possession of fire arm illegally will face death sentence.

Thus, why they were allowed to stay on without action taken? Are they above the law or the government is frightened of them? Why can these militants walk in as they like, or even come into our soil openly in speed boats?

According to the people in Lahad Datu, the usual passenger number on these speed boats smuggling people in are normally not more than 30, if the report is correct that around 150 militants had landed, that means there were at least 5 speed boats that had come in to do the drop off.

How come our military forces and the police didnt detect them? The people were saying that these people were in Sabah already sometime back. That is why there are hundred of thousands such people in Sabah and even holding Malaysian MyCards.

What ever it is we hope the government will act soon to eliminate the problem and to get it over soonest possible. We cannot simply be threatened and forced to accept unreasonable demands, especially on demanding land to be given to them as reported.

This is reflecting on how ineffective and inefficient the government dealing and handling the incident. The BN is condemning the opposition making unjust statements towards the incident, and in fact the BN government should answer the doubts of the people first.

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More JOKES from the government are expecting to come…

Maybe agreed to give Sabah to Sulu Sultan? Anything is possible from BOLEH & NEVERMIND government.

Hi guys

Tension is high in LD now. The Sultan Sulu entourage is cut off from food and water supply now. And asking UNCHR for help…wtf. INvade our land and asking UN for food. Whos is in the wrong now? Us or them?

question is… how & why the hell those heavily armed intruders can enter Sabah territory being unnoticed? Is the Malaya-sian defence system not well educated on the subject that these particular coast of Sabah is a favourite picnic location for pirates or militants from next door?? oh… I almost forgot… most security forces personnel guarding the coast are not ‘anak tempatan Sabah’… no wonder…

Notice they are using CAR-15, SOAR P (M4) and M16 equip with M203. hmm well equip than our police force. Hishamudin probably scared of claymore these Sulu folks planted around the perimeter.

Freeze, dont move… Get out from here… Or else… I give u new IC.


Hishamuddin: i give you ic on one condition. You vote for Universiti Menipu Nipu Orangramai/ Barisan Nipu this coming 13 General Election. After that we can give Sabah to you. :slight_smile:

*This is what i foresee to happen.

Look like the Sulu Sultan not even heeding the Phil President’s call for them to return home peacefully…

Wonder how this will all turn out…

I guess time to play it the hard way.

oh boy…

article :- … no-return/

Quoted "MNLF special branch service chief Khaber Sampang said they will send reinforcements once hostilities break out.

He said a full-blown hostility could erupt once the Malaysians manhandle the heirs or followers of the Sultanate of Sulu.

War is not far away, said MNLF peace panel member Cesar Absalom, referring to the threat of Malaysia to forcibly evict the Royal Sultanate Army in Sabah."

Those MGs look brand new. I wonder who is the ‘sponsor’?

Bring it on~ hahaha

after all this while the gov of malaysia help the MNLF to brokered a peace deal this is what we get?? retaliation of ungratefulness?

after all this while the gov of malaysia had secretly gave sanctuary to the southern muslim separatists, this is what we get??

after all this while the gov of malaysia had secretly trained and provide some of the support for southern muslim separatists this is what we get? - ungratefulnes, ingratitude…

well i guess it’s more like ‘padan muka’ isn’t it. the dog now is biting the hand that feeds it. the very dog they secretly helped. some of u people treat them as muslim brotherhood, but did they treat u people as their brother as well??

i hope u people learnt your lesson well. not every people has the same religion as u, treat u like their own brother…

why hishamuddin has to come?

just to show his face for show…

just to show his face for show…[/quote]
haha :lol:

just to show his face for show…[/quote]
haha :lol:[/quote]

well, sorry for being sarcastic…
but can’t help it when his going there didn’t do an iota of good for anyone…


what the latest news for this even dont show on Tv3

just to show his face for show…[/quote]
haha :lol:[/quote]

well, sorry for being sarcastic…
but can’t help it when his going there didn’t do an iota of good for anyone…

Haha, it’s okay, i feel ya man :slight_smile:

No point watching local news. It’s more to condemnation rather than bringing harmony and what ■■■■. Just couldn’t find anything positive anymore :roll: