=S I need help about my eyes

First of all, I would like to apologize if i posted this thread at the wrong place. I have been thinking for a while already on where to post my thread. It has something to do with my eyes.

I dont have long or short sighted ( rabun jauh atau rabun dekat ) but I have … ermm dont know how u guys call it in English but in Malay it’s call “Silau” and in Mandarine it’s " San Guang ". Well, it getting pretty worse by now. I cant see the “U Turn” sign on the traffic light post during day and night time. The U word somehow become the same look as the normal green light… the colour spread all over… and when I work, I have hard time to see clearly the words on the monitor. Even after I adjust the brightness, still, i cant see clearly.

At first I thought my eyes are tired, So i rest a lot at night and weekend not to use my eyes too much on pc monitors or walk under the bright sun etc etc. Somehow, it just doesnt work much.

So therefore I decided to get myself a eye check up and SPectacles… hmmm but I dont know where to go…

Which optic shop is the most trusted one in Miri? I dont like those that has sales person which talk talk talk and want you to get expensive frame and so on… haizz

I need profesional help and yet reasonable price.

I was thinking… IF that shop doesnt have the frame I like, how then? Is it ok if i reject their service and walk to the other shop? Will they pissed off? Normally when we walked in we tell them we need eye test and so on and when they realise we do need a spec, there goes the 2nd progress… get u a spec…
I hate choosing frames… my face kinda hard to get frames…

Need your advice a lot…

Sure you can reject, its customer rights. Actually you have color problem which happens mostly if people lack of vitamin A or B+. Will ok naturally if you always eat more fibre food and keep you eyes in open space view like not see to much radiated PC monitor.

ooooo eat more proper food contain vitamin A and B+ will help? thanks!

so…do u think, while in the process of recovering… i need to get myself a spec?

U wear spec urself, allokitty?
Any recommendation? ^^

i oways pass by that EYE SHOP (if im not mistaken) located at the centrepoint phase 2, got carnival sale there o… i know that shop still new … maybe the service not so good hor… ehehe i dont know lah… wondering also…

and by the way…if go do eye test ar… best time is in the morning is it? more accurate? xD

Yes i do wear spectacles for 10 years already, long sighted problem. But in March this year i try not to use spectacle and see if my eyes can focus and adjust its internal lense mucles, and yes it did! I’m partially cure and can see much clearer without glasses or contact lenses. I only wear sports glasses to protect my eye from sand and dust usually when i’m cycling.

For tips when buying glasses, budget cost mostly appropriate to buy spectacles always around RM$200-RM$300, more than that is too much. In that budget you also can get coolest glass frame like brand from “TWO INCH” (2"). You need to bargain first because they usually just talk using selling price. Lense grade also comes with variant but special HOYA model lense and special coated version have to pay extra RM$50 - $RM100.

The best time to test your eye sight is noon or during lunch time but stay away from looking contrast object or something that strain your eyes.

customer always right…there’s lots a spec shop all over miri…but dunno which is the best la since im not wearing one…
but if u want to look/surveying,just go to many2 shop…if there’s no frame that u want,look to other shop loh…

Eat more fish ok?


I think you have what its called ‘Astigmatism’. My right eye is ok but my left is astig. This can be easily corrected with glasses.

take proper vitamin and consult a doctor bout ur health condition…
hope ur problem can be solve soon…
eyes are very important in daily life…
keep it like a gold…

I tot eat more white fungus?

Ur case do sounds serious, erm, i have the same condition too. Quite severe i think but still i only specs when using pc/reading/driving at nite. Erm, there’s alot of good opticians around. But for higher degree of astig, the lens needa be special order (better to get the coated ones); so will cost more than conventional specs lor. Anyway averagely, i got mine for less than rm300 laa (perhaps cos my frame not branded one. hoho)…

btw, usually is choose frame first. if u browse thru all frames and cant find the one u like, fast fast lari diri lo. wakaka.

wakakakakaka fast fast lari diri… xD

teamGD ar…u mean…i can ask them take the frame out to let me try wear and see suit or not is it?
they wont mind la hor…

i am like this lo… scare make people angry…i know stuck in a shop do sales not an easy job… =)
Thank you for the advice everyone… i’ll choose a day to go do eyes checkup…

Hmmm i go International Optic at Mega there first… becuz it’s near my work place =D

Hey, when you go there let me know how much they sell the casual glass frame for the brand 2" (Two-Inch), i heard my friend bought a glass with lenses ready for only RM$200.

high index 1.61 multi coat Miri which shop cheaper?

Price wise should be similiar for all d shops

the cheapest eyeglasses shop in miri is in mega, the one located at the 1st floor . i forgot what is it called. there is a shop at 2020 which my family used to buy our specs there. the price is also reasonable. it is juz opposite Hot Cross BUN.

im back again to tell u guys what happened to my spec hunting journey… ok… i did went to Mega…the uncle there nice… i told him my eyes problem and he said let’s do test to the eyes… and then uncle said my eyes not so serious and having a spec wont be able to help becuz my eyes probably sensitive to the light and he ask me go see eye specialist dont waste money make spec =_="

the frames there nice …but uncle keep asking me go see specialist…so i didnt get the chance to ask for the frame price…

and then i saw a nice frame but not the colour i like at Imperiall mall there…the 2020 wat optic just next to Lea shoe centre 1st floor… there cheap lo… got wat package package for those 2 inch brand frame… normal index one rm198 only… cheap for me…

im still hunting for the frame i like…seems like there are only left 2 places I havent go yet… 1 is the malay guy open one… at centrepoint there and another one is the Eyeglasses shop at centrepoint phase 2… if i still cant find the one i like… hmmm maybe i will just eat more fish and fungus =_="

yes it’s also one of the cheapest…it’s Jee Kwong… Centrepoint there oso got 1 of their shop… =)

hmm, just my sincere advice…

very easy to detect if the shop is run by a specialist, check on their shop
if the shop owner is a certified optometrist, he/she has some qualifications like BSc ar, some MSc ar… sure will write on their shop

for example, i visited Yang Low near Parkson, not bad…
expensive is for long term use le, at least prof will use a good n proper way to test your eyes, more reliable
you’re not changing your specs annually

i used to just pay for sth cheap, cincai go into one shop
yes cheap, but the person told me i have astig, when i do not…

i use contact lenses a lot, if not becos i visited a proper optometrist, no one will ever tell me, extra hours of contacts will cause red veins emerge… the opto even took a picture of my eyes and show to me

tat’s the difference between good and not good optometrist le

[quote=“cyndi12”] i visited Yang Low near Parkson, not bad…
expensive is for long term use le, at least prof will use a good n proper way to test your eyes, more reliable
you’re not changing your specs annually[/quote]

where is the exactly this Yang Low?

no comment, all i can say is don’t stress ursef out too much, u’ll onli make ur eye condition more worse

well… for me, i still prefer to go for de one in mega. (International Optical)
their price is reasonable (ard 200 - 300, depends on de brand of cos) n service - good or shud say friendly.

if ur eye condition don need specs, they wil tel u straight. (don waste money for it)
n summore if u tink u r stil havin prob wit ya eye, mayb not bcos u need specs… mayb u need specialist. :slight_smile: