‘Rural tourism operators need support, guidance’

Dennis (third left) and his entourage during a visit to Long Suling. Behind them are the scenic Gunung Kelulung, Bat Urok and Batu Kahung.

MIRI: Tourism operators in rural areas need strong support and guidance from the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture for them to succeed in the industry.

Particularly important is the support in marketing and promotion, Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau

“My constituency Telang Usan is blessed with untouched natural beauty and could be turned into potential economic sources for longhouse dwellers.

“The serene mountains packed with green tropical trees, plants, flowers and clear streams is paradise hard to come by anywhere on this planet Earth today. However, this natural beauty has yet to be explored well,” he pointed out during his visit to Long Suling recently.

During the visit, Long Suling residents expressed interest in making their longhouse and surrounding areas tourism attractions, especially for nature lovers.

Long Suling is a new Kayan longhouse about four hours’drive from Miri City.

In response to their request, Dennis suggested the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture to work closely with Telang Usan District Office to identify potential natural spots to be developed.

He even proposed that the ministry place a staff at the district office to lead tourism activities in the area.

“If the state government is serious in developing rural tourism, the concept of ‘thinking out of the box’ may have to be employed.

“We need an officer to lead in making tourism happenings in rural Sarawak.”

Dennis, who has vast experience in the tourism industry, promised to see how Long Suling, situated strategically along the Long Lama town, and the famous Bario highland with great potential to be a visitor’s attraction, could be developed.

“Your longhouse is located uniquely and I particularly like the mountain views of Gunung Kelulong and Bato Kahung which are suitable for jungle trekking and mountain hiking. The Sungai Liwen just in front of the longhouse is suitable for river recreational activities.”

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