Rumours of a Selangor 'coup' unleashes pre-emptive moves


Rumours of a Selangor ‘coup’ unleashes pre-emptive moves
Yong Kai Ping | Aug 20, 09 4:06pm
Rumours of a coup in Selangor, engineered by BN, and set to take place in September, are making the rounds among political circles and Pakatan is not taking it lightly.

Some are dismissing the rumours as a smokescreen to divert attention from the Permatang Pasir’s by-election, where BN is dogged by fielding a disbarred lawyer, but Pakatan politicians on the other hand are taking preemptive actions to avert another Perak fiasco.

Enigma of the number 323

And like any good rumour, this one also comes with an enigmatic number: 323.

The figure represents the number of assemblypersons from the coalition partnership that are said to be ready to defect.

Three are from PAS, 2 from the DAP and 3 others from PKR

The rumours also say that the 8 will declare themselves as pro BN independent state assemblpersons, effectively tying the number of seats held by BN and Pakatan in Selangor at 28 each.

Currently Pakatan is ruling Selangor with 36 seats compared to BN’s 20.

Among the 36 seats, PAS has 8, DAP 13 and PKR 15. BN needs at least 8 assemblypersons to defect while Dr.Nasir Hashim from PSM, is seen as a pro Pakatan independent.

This defection of 8 assemblypersons, so the rumour goes, is to rock the Pakatan coalition first, and then hope a chain reaction of mass defection will follow, resulting in the collapse of the opposition held state, said to be the jewel in the political crown.

‘Exco members being approached’

It is learned that state assemblypersons who are said to have been approachd to defect include several current exco members who have come under attack for various reasons including investigations by the MACC.

Those who face prosecution and face financial difficulties are seen as the weakest link in the chain.

Pakatan leaders believe that the same modus operandi employed in Perak is being used in Selangor where two PKR exco members, Osman Jaliu and Jamaludin Radzi, who were charged by the MACC defected together with DAP’s deputy speaker Hee Yit Foong.

However, to counter this, efforts have been made to turn the Selangor Speaker’s office into an independent entity separate from the state government.

This is to prevent what happened in Perak from repeating itself in Selangor.

The enactment to make the Speaker’s office independent, the "Selangor Legislative Assembly Service Commission Enactment 2009 or SELESA is believed to have been stalled by PAS Selangor, which raised eye brows.

‘Anwar,Kit Siang hold meeting’

Over the weekend, PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim is said to have effectively taken over the party affairs in Selangor and has held meetings with the party’s MPs and assemblypersons.

PKR is also holding several days of training and workshops with Selangor counselors and party division leaders.

While top leaders, including those from the youth wings have been ordered to visit every division and hold dialogues with grassroot members.

Tonight, it is DAPs turn.

After Selangor the DAP’s liaison meeting, DAP suprempo Lim Kit Siang is said to be ready to meet his own party’s parliamentarians and state reps at the party HQ.

Sources told Malaysiakini that the Selangor coup is high up in the coalition’s agenda and several preemptive plans has been drawn up.

Among the measures, according to the sources, Pakatan is trying to get hold of a mystery booklet being distributed in Selangor, entitled, ‘The fate of the Malays in Selangor’ which attacks Khalid’s administration.

This book lists a number of alleged weaknesses and failures of the Pakatan State government.

The contents of the booklet are said to be quite damaging to the opposition coalition.

The sources also said that Pakatan is trying to counter these allegations.

‘High risk’ group being watched

One of the measures employed to counter the coup threat is said to be the appointment of a group of minders to babysit the state councilors and party loyalists and to provide a protective ring around the state assemblypersons.

This is to keep them from being “whisked away” by the BN.

It is learnt that Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim is prepared for the worst and will dissolve the state assembly if there are any sign of defection, a bitter lesson that Pakatan has learnt from the ‘Perak fiasco’.

Among the tell-tale signs of an impending coup is the sudden cut of communications between a state assemblyperson and the party HQ.

The party has also issued a show cause letter to the elusive Pelabuhan Kelang assemblyperson, Badrul Hisham Abdullah, who was not present at the state political bureau meeting involving all state PKR elected representatives and parliamentarians held on Monday.

Badrul Hisham has been classified as being in ‘the high risk group’ and PKR party leaders have failed to make contact with him via various means and it won’t come as a surprise if he defects.

It is learnt that after receiving complaints from the public and party grassroots,the Selangor MB’s political secretary and state assemblyman for Seri Setia, Nik Nazmi, has effectively taken over Badrul’s duties.

PKR vice president,Azmin Ali, has been said to have visited Badrul’s house personally but have failed to meet with him.

Only time will tell if this rumour will remain a rumour. But of late, rumours have a way of becoming a fact.

can independent MP be pro BN or Pakatan?

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