Rumour? Recalling of Milk related Food Items from China?

I’ve received some SMS from friend asking people not to consume dairy related products from China due to the milk scandal there…
Among the items listed in the SMS are M&M, Snickers, Mentos?, Yoghurt drink, Oreo, dutchlady milk, Wall’s icecream, etc…
This SMS has been circulating around and dunno whether it is just rumours or truth… or just some pranksters trying to scare off people or just someone trying to sabotage these food items… :roll: :roll: :roll:

I received it too this morning. True or not ah? I just throw away 2 big packs for Dutch Lady milk formula which was supposed to be for my kids.

Wah, you really throw it away kah, Val ?
Should just keep it forst pending the confirmation of the news.

DUNNO LEH. hahaa…scared mah. Hahaha…it’s for kids to consume. I dare not take the risk lor. Still, I hope the sms is untrue lah. Magnum ice-cream also stated in it. I love magnum ice-cream lar. haha…and the yoghurt bottle. What is that? do u know??

rather be safe than sorry eh

Yoghurt drink

errKKKkk :shock: , yesterday i drank it :shock:

what yoghurt drink r they referring to?? Not vitagen eh? coz my kids loves it and drink like 2-3 bottles a day…please…please…tell me not that drink. hehehehe…

yea kycer, it’s better be safe than sorry. AFterall, it’s for the children.

Magnum ice cream is marketed by Walls. So, they indicate here most of the Walls ice-cream lah… how bout other ice-cream?
The yoghurt bottle could mean yoghurt drink in bottle (450ml / 500ml bottle?).
But did notice that the share prices of NESTLE & DUTCHLADY (DLADY) i.e. both established main distributor of dairy products, have drops this morning

Dont knowla which yoghurt, but still takut maa… ehehehe :mrgreen:

oh…the yoghurt drink with the bottle shape very nice ones? haha…luckily i dun take yoghurt drink…only my kids take it…still…rather be safe than sorry. Throw away all the dutch lady products at home…even my fav…M&M…so, what ice-cream to eat now lah…Haagen Dazs ah???

home-made icecream… is this true? i din receieve the sms , so i dont know… looks like we have to confirm with ian =p

huh?? why ask Ian???

because ian made those ice cream mah…hehehehe CABUT!!


the predominant symptom in this case, is the painfull growth of kidney stones?

to share:
an elder local Chinese engineer, previously flown down to Kuching, where he then had the op to remove large stone.
the advice he got given, was that a natural remedy,
involves a diet of 5 apples a day,
over a period of 1 week,
& that this would have substantially reduced problem.

i DO NOT suggest that infants are treated this way,
but is to share that, for Elder children & adults,
it is possibly beneficial (from the advice given to me, from the engineer) that more fruit in the diet,
will help alleviate any possible tainted consumption.

would suggest that you do keep alert to any possible further developments,
mayb less lattes, for the kids…till problem resolved

Did I miss out anythg from this thread?? Coz I dun see any of Ian’s postings in this thread…and y ask Ian??
Ian…where r u??? hahahahaa…

last night i just ate ice cream also… cham!!! kidney stone coming…

A quick check with Wikipedia:

Contaminated baby formula
In September 2008, a fresh outbreak of kidney disease occurred, due to baby formula contaminated by melamine. Three babies died and over 6,000 were made sick by the tainted formula. The supplier of the milk, Sanlu Group, is a name brand and is a major player in the industry in China. The company is said to have known of the problem for months, but claims the contaminant came from milk suppliers.

Impact on adulterated milk outside mainland China

Expressing concern over the possibility of contaminated milk powder being sold in speciality markets serving the Asian community in the United States, the Food and Drug Administration issued an advisory on 12 September 2008.[33] Although products exported were said not to have been affected by contamination, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) found the Dutch Lady brand of strawberry flavoured milk manufactured in China to be contaminated with melamine; this product has been recalled and destroyed;White Rabbit Creamy Candy was similarly found to have been contaminated. Taiwan ordered King Car Food, which used milk powder imported from mainland China, to recall eight of its products, including soups and some Mr. Brown instant coffee.

Friesland Foods recalled all of its plastic-bottled milk in Hong Kong and Macau; Hong Kong authorities ordered a recall of Yili products after 8 out of 30 tested positive for melamine. Mengniu, whose product tested negative in Hong Kong government tests, and Yili liquid milk was immediately de-listed by supermarket chains after tests showed that contaminated samples had been found on the mainland. Mengniu’s CFO attempted to reassure consumers by offering a no-quibble refund on all products, and by drinking liquid milk in front of reporters. He also said that its export products were less likely to be contaminated.

"Nestl Dairy Farm Pure Milk" was found to contain traces of melamine at 1.4ppm: six products were found to be contaminated by third-party tests, and were withdrawn.


:? …y don’t you guys check the origin of the product first. not all milk related product is manufactured in china. a lot is in singapore or indonesia.

ya…go head…believe in those sms thingy…
next time when they tell you you won 15k, go head…pay 'em 2k…