Rumour-mongers can be charged: Cops


Saturday, September 15th, 2007

Rumour-mongers can be charged: Cops

Circulation of poison pen letters alleging gangsters-politicians link under probe

MIRI: Police warned the public here not to circulate poison pen letters in town to spread information about gangster links and corrupt ministers.

Miri deputy police chief Supt Jamaluddin Ibrahim said anyone found spreading rumours or smearing other peoples name could be charged by the police.

Stop spreading these wild allegations or else police will take action accordingly, Jamaluddin told the culprits. He was asked by The Borneo Post yesterday afternoon to comment on the circulation of these poison pen letters in town.

He urged the public not to be easily influenced or believe such allegations as only people with their own agenda or motive would spread such lies.

Jamaluddin said police would act to catch those found to have spread the allegations to smear other individuals without their knowledge.

On the circulating poison pen letters, he said police would investigate the case promptly as it was bad for the community and the countrys unity and harmony.

He would study the poison pen letters on gangster links which he received today, and ask his men to follow up the case promptly.

Meanwhile the poison pen letter was addressed to Prime Minister Datuk Sri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi with carbon copies to inspector-general of police Tan Sri Hassan, Bukit Aman CID director and Anti-Corruption Agency director in Bukit Aman, Kuala Lumpur.

The contents of the letter are tarnishing other individuals, a Member of Parliament and arrested gangsters including a Federal Deputy Minister.