Rumah Helena in Penasu under lockdown after 14 Covid-19 cases detected there on Jan 20

SIBU (Jan 21): The 25-door Rumah Helena in Tanjung Penasu located about 15 kilometres from the town center has been placed under lockdown since yesterday, after 14 Covid-19 positive cases were detected in the longhouse, said Senator Robert Lau today.

Lau stressed that the immediate action taken was aimed at limiting movement to curb the spread of the virus.

“The lockdown was implemented around late afternoon yesterday and there are 10 longhouses in that area (Penasu). So far, only one longhouse (Rumah Helena placed under lockdown) as it has 14 cases.

“Other longhouses along that area are not located close to Rumah Helena and so far, the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) has not made any call to lockdown the others,” he told The Borneo Post today, when asked to comment on his Facebook post.

“Out of 120 cases in Sibu today (Jan 20), 14 came from Rumah Helena, Tg Penasu, Btg Igan/Jalan Quarry. The virus was brought there from Pasai and most likely spread because of a function at Rumah Helena.

“Immediate action taken to stop movement in and out from the longhouse (despite the pouring rain). Thank you to the police and the SDMC team in Sibu.

“We need to break the spread among the longhouses. Everyone has to do our part. Stay in your bilik. Stay home. Stay safe,” he posted on his Facebook account last night.

Meanwhile, Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) chairman Clarence Ting announced in a Facebook post that yesterday there was another spike in Covid-19 positives in Sibu.

“Out of 120 cases, 40 were not from the Pasai Cluster. Below YB Robert Lau has been monitoring the cluster spread throughout the Iban community. It started in Pasai Siong which is 40km away, now it has spread to SMC area longhouses. It has been more than 10 days since the first infection of 37 in Pasai Siong was announced. The cluster continues to balloon, it must be the lockdown area is not big enough. The relevant authorities need to make an urgent decision.

“While cluster is still raging, at the last count more than 800, there are growing numbers of infection in town, yesterday was 40. I am getting more reports of people getting Covid-19. I am writing this message to all those who are working in offices, to be weary… stop it. Take leave if you have to, this Covid-19 is everywhere in Sibu town.

“I am also addressing those who are in charge of personnel, to give clear guidelines to their colleagues about personal SOP (standard operating procedure). As well, guidelines for their lifestyle after office hours. What they do will have profound effect on their colleagues. During this Covid-19 outbreak personal choices has to take a back seat to group well-being.

“What you do will affect your colleagues and your family. Be sensible and stay safe,” Ting said.

The number of new Covid-19 infections in Sarawak surged yesterday to 203 cases, a new daily high for the state.

SDMC in a statement yesterday said that 120 of the new cases were detected in Sibu, followed by 43 in Kanowit, 12 in Kuching, eight in Betong, five each in Bintulu and Samarahan, four in Miri, three in Dalat, and one each in Kapit, Pakan and Serian.

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