Rumah Dato K and CT Nurhaliza!

sign board to umah CT

CT Residental in Cameron Highland

CT’s House In Cheras

CT house in Pahang

Dato K’s House

=.=’’ a signboard?? omg…

i think I’m gonna put a signboard around Desa Senadin

[b]Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 2C
Phase 3
Phase 4
Frankie Muniz Fans House

Hahhah LOLZ[/b]

I thought the Wife of Datuk K is going to fight very hard…for the house … 8) 8) 8)

Sure do but that Dato’ n his son automatically become a star already

I actually drove and pass the area…really posh as I would say…anyway…I wonder what are they going to do with the house if they both get married and stay in one…

dat sign board look like being photochop…da font for “Rumah” is diff…lawanya dato k house…i wonder whats inside…

i think a CD, VCD, Picture collection of CT Nurhaliza I guess LOLZ …
After they get married I think they gonna spend a night in Dato K’s mansion then the next day the other house LOLZ …

Hence … they want to imitate those Hollywood stars? i think way it’s way beyond impossibile cuz Cher’s house much more bigger than them and the value around hundred million thousand like that.