RPR (rumah pendapatan rendah) = No playground/park/garden?

Hai, do anyone know where i can find playground/park/garden at Permyjaya area??
I stay there for more than 5years but till now i till do not know where is the playground/park/garden for my child and parent jogging.
Nowadyas we went bulatan park but too far for us.

Few days before, I hear my friend said permy is a RPR (rumah pendapatan rendah) area so there would no be any playground/park/garden. It that true??

RPR doesnt stand for rumah pendapatan rendah,but its “rancangan perumahan rakyat”…RPR batu 6 doesnt seem like a low cost housing to me.

RPR = rancangan perumahan rakyat?
but as I know rancangan perumahan rakyat mean those housing area build by our gov with very cheap price (RM50-RM80) and sell to those ppl that do not have any house (low income ppl) oh.

However, nowadays RPR is selling to those middle income group of ppl with price RM80-RM120 (at Permyjaya and Senadin area). This two area is the bigest and faster develop housing area in Miri but sad to there is not any playground/park/garden there…

If i no mistaken, batu6 is kuching right? Do your nearby got any playground/park/garden? and i think it no conside RPR la…

But RPR Batu 6 is in Miri. Is it opposite Pujut 8. Where got Petronas filling station.