Roundabout Pujut 7 Traffic Light Soon

Some rumours there will be traffic light built at the roundabout pujut 7, the roundabout change to traffic light soon. It’s that real… :mrgreen:

Some Laku, TM and Sesco busy to find new location for cable and pipeline route.

This was mentioned quite some time ago… So it is expected :slight_smile:

Yeah it real after rocket take over :-). I think this is for make the road more space when the bridge is complete. Then the traffic light build to avoid traffic jam. Is this practical :slight_smile: more or less crowded … :mrgreen:

i think they should build another flyover (miri-lutong road) rather than traffic light, to avoid massive traffic jam during peak hours… :wink:

Are you sure? It’s not because of DAP, but it was already planned before by JKR, MCC etc etc way long time before state election.

It’s like the same case in Taman Tunku, where some people thought it’s because of the new YB we have some changes in our area, when actually our resident committee already worked and planned for the changes. Even though it is still under BN, it’s not the works of the new BN YB. Understand what I mean? Even if the PKR won at where I live at, it won’t be their work because it was already planned by resident committee with MCC. So have to be factual in these things, don’t simply assume.

pujut 4 gk roundabout sure more JAM

traffic lights eh?
better than nothing…hopefully will ease the traffic jam we faced everyday…

i propose build a wall in GK roundabout instead of traffic lights.

GK will experience massive jam once the Pujut 7 traffic light completed…

no more Gk roundabout by then. will convert to straight double lanes road. that’s what they planned before

Every road switch to double lane (from the bridge all the way to tudan, also the road for Tudan and Permy area) > ??? > PROFIT!

Also please take action against those idiots who are driving 50km/h on the right lane, when they are driving the same slow speed as the left lane.

fully agreed

they should speed up the proposed road from permyjaya to padang kerbau.

build flyover la…alang2…

i don’t think it will help much. the bottle neck is still at the bridge. are they going to remove the current traffic light?


yeah, i’m agree also better build flyover rather than put traffic light there sure JAM like hell there. Just look and see nanti. :mrgreen:

Agree. Then those coming down from airport to permy no need to pass through town area. From my observation cars that go into permy creating the jam at Pujut 7 roundabout in the evening. Solution is create another access road to permy. In the near future, the bypass road need to be upgrade to dual carriageway as cars using bypass road are increasing day by day…

without ting pek king there will be no flyover.

traffice light + a flyover will be good…