Rosey says will continue dev’t efforts for Bekenu

Rosey says will continue dev’t efforts for Bekenu

By : NewsDesk

Date Posted : Thursday 28-Apr-2016

BEKENU: Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate and incumbent for Bekenu, Rosey Yunus will continue her effort and fight to develop Bekenu constituency.

“I will continue the effort to develop Bekenu with among others, more facilities

for constituents as well as develop my
community towards

improving their standard of living.

“I will also look into the matter on how to extend the reach of early childhood education with ample facilities for our kids’ conveniences

here,” she told the New Sarawak Tribune

Meanwhile, Rosey disclosed one of the main focuses is to boost tourism

development in Bungai, Niah Cave, Tusan as well as Niah and
Sibuti Waterfront.

“Bekenu has huge potential for tourism development towards improving the socio-economy of

Bekenu and its
people,” she said.

Rosey, who had served as an elected representative for Bekenu for

the past two terms, has established a good
track record in serving her multi-racial constituents.

She is well-known as a people-oriented representative and would turn up at any function just by a phone call only, which showed that she disregarded much protocol.

During the last state election in 2011, Rosey, who contested under a

BN-SPDP ticket won the seat with a majority of 3,714 votes.

In this 11th State Election, Rosey is being challenged by PKR Miri Branch

secretary Bill Kayong and two independents.

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