Rosey: Government supportive of tourism-agro concept venture

Rosey (seated centre) and others pose for a photo call after during a discussion at her service centre.

MIRI: The state government will support any tourism concept that is tied to economic projects being undertaken at the village level.

Assistant Minister of Women, Family and Childhood Development Datuk Rosey Yunus welcomed such proposal from the villagers to boost economic activities and generate more income for the villagers.

“Most people in Bekenu constituency are involved in the agriculture sector. There is a lot of things we can do to tie agriculture activities with tourism.

“This is something the villagers here should look into and make their villages the hubs of tourism products and services,” she said when contacted yesterday to comment on proposals to upgrade facilities at two agriculture projects in Bekenu.

Rosey, who is also Bekenu assemblywoman, said the proposals were submitted by residents of Kampung Kayu Kapor for a buffalo-rearing project and the proposed Kelulut-rearing project in Kampung Selanyau.

She said a discussion had been made with the divisional Veterinary Services Department and Agriculture Department on the two projects at her Bekenu Service Centre in Bekenu on Tuesday.

The meeting was also attended by Amut Bangkil the headman of Kampung Kayu Kapor and Sawal Mawang the headman of Kampung Selanyau.

Resients of Kampung Kayu Kapor also requested for funds to build a viewing tower, wooden bridge, resting hut, public toilet and also to extend buffalo-rearing project to many people in the village.

Over at Kpg Selanyau, the villagers are looking forward to have a building complete with equipment to commercially process Kelulut honey.

They are hoping to work closely with Subis Area Farmers Organisation to develop the (Kelulut) project with expert advice from outside.

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