Room for rent

Hi anyone know any nice room for rent in Miri? Anywhere but permyjaya, lutong, lutong or old town area :slight_smile: for one person, young female
piasau and pujut or boulevard area would be nice

young female! hmm… how long does she need the room for? or and does she mind living with other guys? ( diff room lah!) well ok 1 guy ( a very social guy) stays there but his friends are around most of the time after work or just to hang out. Oh and location is in PIasau Garden.

Hi, Krokop got room Rm300/ with aircond.stay with the owner chinese. are you chinese?
if interested pls call or message wendy 016 800 7503

Who is renting? U? Budget? Empty or furnished room?


  • located near Pujut 7, behind Petronas, after roundabout towards Lutong. Less than 5 minutes to shell/Petronas Office.
  • Good interior condition.
  • Single room available only.
  • Fully furnished with WIFI (free dial to all telekom fixed line), washing machine, fridge, water filter, stove & cooker hood, bed, wardrobes, room curtains, tv etc (air-cond excluded)
  • Pleasant housemates, currently 3 person including myself.
  • Asking rental RM350 nett, INCLUSIVE OF WIFI, ELECTRICITY & WATER (if want to install air-cond, minimum additional charge to cover extra electricity usage)
  • Available in November 2011 (please make appointment to view, available after 6pm or weekend)
  • Preferred singles (prefer working people, especially in Shell or Petronas).