RON 97 increases 15 cents by 1 DEC

Increase again? Goodness… It’s gonna hurt the wallet this time :cry:

nasib i own a diesel car now!

najib i own a diesel car now…wei…what connection? :mrgreen:

horeeyyyy…another increase…can’t wait till it gets up to RM5 per liter…ptuii…

Move to RON95 :stuck_out_tongue:

Aiyarghh…siaplah, yeah change back to Ron95… sigh…

wth la…increase again…^&$%$%&^ Malaysia!

Boycote Barang Naik ~~ :evil:
HKS Double Magnetic Fuel Saver
Price: RM99 only

  • Item Install at Fuel Hose
  • Best Recommended to have 3 Unit
  • DYNO & On the Road Tested to be Twice More Powerful then ZMAX Magnetic Fuel Power Saver
  • Double Magnet Technology
  • Increased Combustion
  • Increased Horsepower
  • Increased Throttle Response
  • Increased Torque
  • Increased Fuel Economy
  • Cleaner Exhaust Emissions
  • Save up to 15% - 35% Fuel
  • Dyno Tested Product


i told you so…

internet speed is capped and RON 97 increased. at the same time. wow. double kills from the government.

Man…made the right move to get a scooter. :wink: Though i might regret it but now i am sure that i am a happy man~ (for now…) :smiley:

no wonder many ppl using bicycle around town…
i oso want to join.
cilaka punya g

Recently there was a mention of constructing bicycle lanes in Miri. Maybe it is part of the plan for fuel increase.

mind = blown

as long as carlsberg 3 cans price not increase :mrgreen:

The government has nothing to do with the price increase of Ron 97 or so they said. Remember? :lol:

Today will witness the day I stop reading The Borneo Post. There’s not even a single word in the paper about the fuel price increase… tsk tsk tskk… I felt like reading toilet paper instead… :evil: :twisted: