Roland Engan sure PKR will field him again

MIRI: PKR Baram chairman Roland Engan is confident that the party will field him in the next state election.

When met recently, Roland said he was determined to contest again based on his performance during the 2013 parliamentary election.

In the three-cornered fight, Roland lost by just 194 votes to Barisan Nasional (BN)s Anyi Ngau when he polled 8,988 votes against Anyis 9,182 votes, while independent candidate Patrick Sibat only managed 363 votes.

Roland said he would nominate candidates for each of the state seats in Baram, namely Telang Usan, Marudi and the newly-proposed Long Lama.

We will announce more details once we identify the other two more candidates.

In the meantime, we will be reviewing our strengths, advantages and also disadvantages in facing the next state election, he said, without disclosing which seat he intended to contest for.