Robbery / carjacking tactics

Something for you guys & especially gals to take note:

WARNING: Robbery Tactic
November 19, 2007 04:47 PM Author: Chips

Hey, brake awak sudah pecah, minyak keluar (your brake is broken and oil is coming out)! Normally, a warning like that from another motorist would alarm you and you would immediately stop and jump out to look. But these days, thats not such a wise idea, even if you are worried about the brakes leaking. This is because one of the tactics of robbers now is to use that warning to make you stop and get down as this writer discovered this afternoon. Fortunately, however, I am not an average motorist who doesnt know a lot about cars and whose first two thoughts were: brake leaking why didnt the warning light come on? and two guys on a motorbike be careful!.

Fortunately, the second thought made me hesitate about getting down and in fact, even when they (two Indians on a motorbike) drew alongside me in the jam along Jalan Syed Putra, Kuala Lumpur, I only wound down the window a bit to ask them what they were saying. As I stopped the car, I was still thinking about the absence of a warning light which would normally come on because a leak will drop the brake fluid level and the sensor (which most cars have) will pick it up.

As I pulled over, the two guys stopped their motorcycle in front of me and the tall pillion rider got down (which also struck me as suspicious because most people usually shout a warning and then go off). It could be that because they were both wearing dark blue shirts with a Shell logo, they expected that unsuspecting motorists would let their guard down thinking they were mechanics. Anyway as the tall guy was getting down, I noticed that in his hand was a small container (like an Eye-mo bottle) and that immediately stopped me from getting out. I immediately drove off and kept an eye in the mirror but didnt see them following me.

I drove on looking for a spot with plenty of people so that I could check on the front wheel and turned into the carpark at Muzium Negara. I was still alert for the possibility that they followed me so I quickly ran to the front to check no oil, nothing visibly wrong and as I rushed back to the door, around the corner they came! I jumped in and they did a u-turn and went off.

So be alert for this tactic which may be a new one. They may not want to hijack the car and probably just want to steal things and that container may have soapy water or something that can burn your eyes and as you are blinded, they open the doors and steal whatever they can find. So whatever you do, dont get down and dont stop further along thinking it is safe. If it is a brake problem, just drive carefully till you get to somewhere that has security guards nearby. And it is best not to head straight for home because you never know if they may still be following you, determined to rob you (hopefully, you were an unlucky random choice).

While on the subject of modus operandi, as the police have warned, be alert when you are rammed from behind and dont get down. Drive to a police station to make your report you are not committing an offence if no one has been injured and you can tell the police you were suspicious of the car that rammed you. Also, do not think that if there is just one person in the car that rammed you, it is safe because there have been reported cases where another car comes up and stops ahead and two guys get out with parangs and do their nasty things. You also need to be alert for the possibility that if you are talking to one of them one one side from inside the car, it is not safe because the others can smash the glass on the other side and grab you.

Sadly, its a dangerous world we live in these days and being alert and staying calm enough to be able to recognise danger signs is critical. … page_m.asp

If brake fliud is leaking, the first few warnings would be a spongy brake pedal, and followed by (what was mentioned above) a brake light indicator coming on.

If someone gives such a warning, it is advisable to turn to the nearest fuel station or tire shop with people around and quickly ask for their assistance on the matter. Even if your brakes ARE leaking, you still have braking power on your handbrake by pulling it slightly (not pulling it all the way which would lock the wheels and send you out of control). Arm yourself with this knowledge that you’re still able to drive the car to the nearest mechanic or shop. Nowadays you just can’t trust anyone.

Last night I myself encountered a situation which alarmed me - I noticed in the rearview mirror someone zoomed up from behind me as if he wants to ram me from behind. Without giving any second thoughts, I floored the accelerator and outaccelerated him. Fortunately, it happens so he is just one of those idiotic tailgaters. But I’m not taking any chances.

Good info…

but standard perodua kancil IS spongy

Kancil should be able to stop instantly with handbrakes alone since it’s so light.

Thanks for the infomation