Road users reminded to take extra care at Canada Hill

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The soil erosion hitting Canada Hill poses risk to road users.

Works on building the retaining wall are on-going to make sure that the condition is contained.

MIRI: Mirians are reminded to be extra cautious when on the road in view of the current monsoon season, especially when going up and down Canada Hill.

The steep road from both sides of the hill has been hit by soil erosion, posing danger to road users.

“It is crucial to notify the public about the erosion because Canada Hill serves as an important part of the travel route for most Mirians,” said a local worker.

He said the soil erosion, which was first noticed on Monday morning, had turned worse – reaching down to about 100 feet from the hilltop as rain continued throughout the day.

“Meanwhile, works on building the retaining wall have commenced and is on-going to make sure that the condition is contained,” he said.

Canada Hill has become a key landmark for the tourism industry here – thanks to the Petroleum Science Museum and Grand Old Lady Oil Well No 1 on the top of the hill. The steep slope is also very popular among hikers and runners as they get to enjoy adventurous experience running through the challenging terrain.