Road users in Miri, please note LEFT lane is SLOW lane

Aren’t anyone of you frustrated of drivers driving slowly on the fast lane (RIGHT lane)? I think that drivers who do so can cause many dangerous situations to occur. For instance, this can leads to a long line of frustrated drivers behind. Some drivers will wait patiently but some drivers will begin to tailgate. When this happen to me, i try to flash my high light to notify the slow drivers in front. Sometimes, it works and they will shift to left lane but sometimes the slow drivers will start to brake and go slower and still keep driving on the right lane which is the FAST lane!! how frustrating!!

I think this unsafe act of slow drivers who drive on the fast lane is illegal and inconsiderate of the safety of other drivers. This unsafe act contributes to unsafe traffic condition for all drivers. If this frustration keep on building, once law abiding Miri citizens can eventually turn into road warriors!! imagine the chaos on Miri road in the future!!

So please, I urge those slow drivers please keep to the LEFT (Slow lane is on the left side of the road)!! Think about your own safety and the safety of others!!

[size=200]LEFT LANE = SLOW LANE [/size]

agree wit u KenQ

guess they got kopi o lesen . normally i will just drive same speed beside them.

i have been thought about this before viewtopic.php?f=2&t=26868&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&start=16#p354445

need let them back to school driving…then they can learn the right law on the road :mrgreen:

am printing a “SLOW? Keep LEFT LAH @#$%^!!!” sticker… :mrgreen:

my uncle said, “lesen batu niah”.

Left is for normal driving. Right lane is for overtaking.

But you are right also. Slow cars are not supposed to be at the right lane. Met this a lot of times in Miri. :frowning:

it is quite common to see drivers driving slowly on the left lane. koko1710 is right… right lane is for overtaking and not really for speeding unless there’s an emergency. how fast can we go on Miri road these days with lots of car around?

Yeah… true… but still can consider if they’re heading towards a junction :slight_smile: But some doesnt turn!!! They keep staying on the left lane dunno for wad!!..

“right lane is for overtaking” means right lane is effectively a fast lane la, why argue about this kind of definition. the fact is, ppl who drive fast are equal to overtaking, and therefore using the right/fast lane.
by my personal opinion, if you drive slower than the car behind you, then you SHOULD switch to left/slow lane. i’m also one of the miri driver who is frustrated by slow moving car (according to your definition, car who has no intention to overtake if you will) on fast lane.


i hate slow drivers on the right lane. they need to be shot! but then again it’s illegal to cause harm to anyone. Oh well…

LOL!! hahah… sometimes it make me wonder whether those slow drivers who drive on fast lane understand the basic concept of FAST and SLOW or LEFT or RIGHT!

that’s so cruel! but i ever think of it too! LOL!! Sometimes, i do think there are drivers who purposely drive slow on the fast lane. They may think they own the road and can drive any speed in whichever lane they want. Some i think they are trying to teach others a lesson from driving too fast as if they themselves are the traffic police patrolling the road.

go drive fast in the slow lane with lots of slow drivers, then u will know XD

How many of you actually drive here? If you do so, i DARE you to list your plates here and see if you practice what you preach. Cos Honestly EVERYONE in miri drives like that! I’ve yet to meet a car that actually drives on the left lane when going slow. I’ve got balls and I drive fast AND i aint afraid to list my number here so if you see me coming better get out of the way! My plate is WPE 8738. And trust me you wun see me driving on the left lane.

i can’t teach you what is fast, but i do can teach you what is slow. you are considered slow when the car behind you are faster than you. IE, if you drive 50kmh, rear car drive 50kmh, then you are slow; if you drive 80kmh, rear car drive 90kmh, then you are slow as well.

That’s funny, I’ve seen plenty of them that actually drive on the left lane when going slow.

Perhaps you were going to fast and not noticed them? :roll:

next time i will drive slow on right lane and drive fast on left lane~
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