Road Safety

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Its a given that many drivers in Miri do not drive safely on the road. This could be attributed to lack of safety awareness and competence, or due to ignorance or bad attitude. How often have we seen road accidents that could have been prevented had people been more alert on the road, reduced speed, or simply be more considerate and practice road courtesy. People need to drive responsibly!

Id like to touch on the fatal accident that happened along the Miri coastal road 3 weeks ago involving a saloon car and a trailer truck where an elderly lady in her 70s died due to sustained injuries as a result of the accident. Long story short, news had it that the elderly couple was traveling from Bekenu to Miri at night when their car driven by the husband rammed into the stalled trailer that was left overnight at the place of the accident. Remember this was at night and the area is pitch black as there is no street lighting (surprised?) along the road. The trailer took up virtually half of the already narrow single highway and the driver did not even turn on the hazard lights (most fundamental thing to do!) or put up some reflective warning lights to alert other road users plying along that route. Well to be fair he did try, with some twigs and leaves - LOL youre kidding me expecting people to see it at night? This to me is a clear act of irresponsibility on the part of the driver and his employer for failing to move the trailer away or at least to a safe location pending help to arrive. Anyone could have fallen victim to this. In this case, it's the poor elderly lady - an innocent victim!

Moral of the story - We must TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR ACTIONS while on the road and do not cause harm to others. No one needs to get hurt on the road.

The authorities concerned also must take swift actions to improve the safety and conditions of our roads. The least they could do is to install ample street lighting, put up warning lights at strategic locations to aid night driving and prominent road signs to warn drivers, etc. This is best left to the town planners, road engineers and the public works department for solutions.

BTW, the quality of our roads in general is far from satisfactory, let alone good. Our West Malaysian friends will know how its like driving on Sarawak roads.


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Can’t agree more.


(ashburn) #3

for us road users, there’s still a lot to learn…
for the government… there’s still a lot need to do…
we are way behind… so sad but true…


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I drove past the inner road of the Pujut 5 shop lots this morning, many indiscriminate parking there by rude vehicle owners and drivers who only think of their own convenience and ignore the others! I had to ‘squeeze’ through some awkwardly parked vehicles. Very unsafe.