Road map from Miri to Muara ferry point, Brunei

Appreciate if someone could provide the road map from Miri to Muara ferry point in Brunei. I intend to drive to Labuan via Muara, Brunei.

I’ve seen the Miri to Kota Kinabalu map.

Thank you.

use GPS…

Hi…very easy…after malaysia and brunei checkpoint,just go straight, follow the highway till reach the muara roundabout…no need map bro, very easy…got enough signboard to guide u…travel time from brunei checkpoint around 1 1/2 to 2 hour…if u intent to bring ur car to Labuan, u must depart early from Miri becos the car ferry only travel once a day. The ferry departure time 9am or 9.30am.

The car charge if im not wrong around B$60-70 per car and driver…if got passenger different charge… why want to go to Labuan? nothing interesting there, only 2 reason y man want to go there, work or…hehe…u know i know :lol: …ok…enjoy ur time…

The company website opearting the ferry from Muara to Labuan. You can also make advance booking with them.

Just want go for sight seeing.

Thank you all for your prompt responds.

just go straight…after toll rasau n reach Kuala belait just go straight reach seria highway and you will passby seria highway-sungai liang traffic light - labi traffic -light bukit beruang-tutong traffic light - tutong highway (very long journey…1 hour ++) - you will see this jerudong park - empire hotel on left side ,just go straight-you will reach manggis area - 2 more traffic light - …just go straight (20 to 25 minute more) and reach 4 roundbout n big sign on your left.passby 1 big roundbout,you will see on your left muara police station,go straight reach 2nd small roundbout,go straight and reach the 3 rd roundbout turn right and go straight (you will see sign jalan perusahaan muara).on left side will see muara port and reach the last 4th roundbout.go left and go straight n after 2 hump go left …on left side you will see GHK warehouse…go straight a bit a turn (if you miss you go straight to the river…hahahaha) right…tadaa… 2 hour ++ journey (135 km) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks Kirenenko…really appreciate you.

your welcome.just go straight n god speed.forgot to tell you they change the sign “jln perusahaan muara” to left side.i don’t know why but just turn right after the 3 rd round about.just beware some of the bruneian driver attitude who like to drive like F1 n tailgate people very close.just use the left lane.if you want to stop or rest for a while there area at liang area (soon lee supermarket) after the 2nd traffic light (labi)…just go straight less than 5 minute drive n you will see the soon lee sign(not the left junction after traffic light).dont forget to pump your fuel to full tank.If not bruneian car can buy fuel only at sg 7 border,jerudong ,gadong and before kuala lurah. the easiest to buy is at sg7 border (shell) :mrgreen:

Im planning to drive from Labuan to Miri thru Brunei. Appreciate it if you can brief me the route from Muara to Miri and every checkpoint. Thank u.

Im planning to drive from Labuan to Miri thru Brunei. Appreciate it if you can brief me the route from Muara to Miri and every checkpoint. Thank u.

Is there any safe/paid parking lot there?
I mean at muara port…
Say i want to park my car there n go to labuan?
Without driving my car…

No, just park your car in the open space car park and make sure u dont leave valuables inside.
Brunei has almost zero car thefts as far as i know.

Or you can take the ferry along with your car across :stuck_out_tongue:

bro, is there any other services besides the ferry to labuan?
speedboat maybe?just like from menumbok, sabah to labuan…
do you have any idea what is the rate?& the schedule?

Got express boat from muara - labuan.

But in all honesty, i would rather fly from miri.
in expensive & Labuan isnt all that big, you can walk around easily if u stay in town.

But if you are traveling in a group, car/express would be cheaper.

Agree Labuan is small and walking distance. Taxi fare also very cheap. U can also go to Labuan from Limbang. I think ferry fare around RM30. I provide van transportation to Limbang. PM me if interested

Very easy… when u enter the sg tujuh check point, just drive straight, just follow the sign board to Muara. when reach muara, just follow the sign to Serasa Terminal.