Road Block at the wrong time

Why JPJ and Police traffic do a raod block at 5 or 6pm? i mean it was time when ppl sent/pick they children to school/home… They make a traffic jam la… Like today they road block in front of centre point phase 2 and caught alot of motocycle and cars… 1 of the cars was S15 black colour … aiyo… The most funny,lamborgine was escape from road block and turn his car to centre point phase 2… lolz i think this Police or JPJ should do a road block at 10 pm la…

what is the point u want to tell us?

oh?i though this for ppl to know a thing … i done something wrong?

hard to get what u trying to say :expressionless:

whats the things u trying to tell us? and why simply post people’s name?

i dont understand what u guys talking about? din my topic go that way?

we are asking, what u want to tell us? jz like this only?

zzz, u change the topic, and also ur 1st post…

perhaps he is just trying to tell us tat something is wrong wif the system. Having road blocks during peek hours. So fasten up and drive slow! :mrgreen:

peak hours easier to catch more traffic offenders :stuck_out_tongue:

ya,what i trying to say is the police and JPJ done a wrong thing. If im not mistaken,at brunei they road block around 10.30pm … Because they know day time is a busy day like parent pick they children from school u know… etc…

i hope then police talk to lambo owner,he rev engine full throttle make police deaf…=D

so u r suggesting that they set a time frame to do road block instead of carrying out anytime they want… Hmmmm… then what is the purpose of doing it if they are telling people that they want to do road block @ so and so time… :roll:

Hmmm…ransu ransu always talk weird stuff…we talking road block not engine REV!!!

they can do a road block but not at 12pm and 6pm,it a busy time u know … im getting sick of this traffic jam,and i dint see any of police traffic during traffic jam…

ok… to me… i think the road enforcement officers can do road block at watever time they want la… but one for sure is, they should be one the road directing traffic when it is peak hours… that is the improvement that i see they need to apply.

ah… now u understand the topic was… TQ

during at 5-6pm…suitable for police monitor and control on traffic jam…not to make traffic jam…i wondering this things for long time already…som others city…i can see alot police will monitoring n controlling the the traffic at peak hours…like 12-1pm or 5-6pm

But in miri they dont even to that u now,they just like dissapear in miri town… Tomorrow u can try to see police… I think they lepak at Damai restorant la…

Try road block at pujut 7 at 530pm then, sure ppl will curse them, LOL.