RM23.9bil pipeline project to involve three northern states


Tuesday May 8, 2007

RM23.9bil pipeline project to involve three northern states

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia has agreed to build the US$7bil (RM23.9bil) crude oil pipeline from Kedah to Kelantan.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the project would be part of development for the Northern and Eastern Corridors.

We have always wanted more development for that area, he told reporters yesterday, when asked about press reports that Malaysian petroleum transporter Trans-Peninsula Petroleum Sdn Bhd planned to invest US$7bil over eight years on the 300km pipeline across three northern states.

According to the reports, the project will involve the construction of two oil refineries with the pipeline crossing three states linking Yan in Kedah to Bachok in Kelantan.

The pipeline, which will enable ships to bypass the Straits of Malacca, will include an import facility on the west coast for oil coming from the Middle East and Africa and a re-export facility on the east coast for oil heading for East Asia.

On Terengganu airport’s closure due to faulty runway lights, Abdullah attributed it to the lack of maintenance culture in the country.

What else? I have spoken about it until kering tekak (my voice is hoarse), he said after opening the World Halal Forum 2007 here yesterday.

On what should be done, he said: We have to make sure those responsible for maintenance perform well, or it will not be in the interest of their careers as they fail in their responsibility.

Recently, three new buildings in Malaysia were found to have significant defects.

The first was the Immigration Department in Putrajaya where operations came to a standstill when a pipe burst, the second was the Entrepreneurial Development and Co-operative Ministry where chunks of a ceiling fell off and the third was the new Courts Complex in Jalan Duta where parts of the ceiling fell.

On Saturday, the Prime Minister noticed water marks on the ceiling of an indoor stadium at the Bukit Jalil Sports Complex. He feared it would become a hole if the problem was not taken care of.