RM 99 Time Square Voucher For Sale (BWTC)

Hi all,
Is anyone interested in purchasing the voucher? The vouchers are valid until 31st August 2009. Btw, you can confirm on the bookings (Reservation no: 03-2141-3233) before you purchase from me. Please let me know if any of you would like to purchase, since i’m not planning to go KL during this period. :slight_smile: I’ve got 3 vouchers in hand…, my friend stayed there before and told me that the apartment is “OK” and the room is big, it’s really affordable & value for money. :smiley:
These are promotional vouchers each entitled to one night stay in Time Square Apartment.


the whole unit of apartment? or hotel room?

hi Jessica,

i’m interested to buy that vouchers from u, so how to contact u ?

Hi…if u need additional 2… u can get the vouchers fm me at the same price…jus incase lah…(valid till 30th April 2009)

Hi sosue,

can i hv ur contact no. pls.

One unit of apartment with kitchen, living room & bedroom… similiar to “imperial apartment” :slight_smile:

I’m also interested in the voucher but can anyone tell me more about BWTC?
Does BWTC have a website for us to log in?

hi, i’m Crystal here. Do you still have the time square voucher?
i need it urgent.
Please contact me at 0102250996.
Thank you


The voucher is a rebate voucher? How does the voucher works?

those still want to buy the voucher please reconsider after you have read this link:

yes many victim get involved

Is the Judgement Day for the conmen coming soon…
http://jtkswk.mohr.gov.my/images/Jadual … r/miri.pdf
http://jtkswk.mohr.gov.my/images/Jadual … i/miri.pdf
http://jtkswk.mohr.gov.my/images/Jadual … 20miri.pdf
http://jtkswk.mohr.gov.my/images/Jadual … 20miri.pdf

lol… cheat our money !!! sienzzz