Rise in Malay votes in sight for PKR

SWAK POLLS ANALYSIS But the party may not see many victories in Malay-majority seats as they face political giant PBB.


the malay seats were a bit hard,not because of Pek Moh but in my experience,their elected rep especially from PBB are really working,especially in certain areas which can be seen from various functions held even before campaigning…another thing is sentiment towards abang jo…everybody knew that abang jo is on the other camp,although he is PBB deputy, but Taib has always not in favour of him (probably coz he is Malay,not Melanau)…heck,even in kch,those from other races also favour abang jo,easy to approach,friendly…to ensure opposition to win is not just to see chinese seats fall to opposition, but the real challenge is to grab the attention of the malay majority seats,then the opposition can out throw the gov…last nite went to PKR ceramah at satok, was surprised to see so many urban malays attending the ceramah, held at a village located within the heart of the city…hopefully prk candidate can give pbb a run for their money…no worries, im not a BN man, altough i can’t deny abang jo really does made a lot of transformation especially in urban development and tourism

We know some elected rep are doing their job. But the thing is most people are looking for “bigger” changes. For instance, the fall of the current Sarawak CM.

yes,some elected rep were in BN to ensure easier access to fund to develop and assists their people…i knew a few yb in BN who were genuine in their work…dunt get me wrong i am not BN cybertrooper or what,but just giving a fair side…if abang jo is the C.M,all those crooks oldies leader were thrown out i am sure the ppl will be in favour of BN.the malays were divided mainly due to CM issue…those who had interest such as business were in for taib,and normal malays for sure are against him.whatever it is,i am sure all swkians are smart enough…dun vote just because of anger,but see who can deliver in ur constituency.this opinion is mainly due to i am at close contact with both sides of PR and BN all the time.

Yeah agree with your opinion.