Rip Curl Surfing Game (Live The Search) Version: 1.3

Rip Curl Surfing Game (Live The Search) Version: 1.3


“After just a few minutes playing with Rip Curls iPhone game I can wholeheartedly say it Rip Curls got game.”

“If youre looking for an i-device surfing game thats fun and has high replay value, Rip Curls Live The Search is best in class and worth every penny.”

  • Editor, Daily Stoke Reviews.

“The graphics on this game are surprisingly good for a mobile app.”

  • Editor, Surfline Reviews.

Rip Curl’s “Live The Search: The Ultimate Surfing Game”

There is no other surfing game like this on the iPhone!
Created by international surfing company Rip Curl and creative agency LOMAH Studios.


“Live The Search” is the first high-end 3D surfing game to hit the iPhone and combines high-action arcade game-play with a realistic surfing experience.

Travel the world searching out secret waves and surfing as ASP World Champions Mick Fanning and Stephanie Gilmore or put yourself in the game by creating a unique surfer. Progress your way through the game by completing goals, unlocking trips and taking on other objectives.

Its all about travel, adventure and living the Search!


Mick Fanning: Reigning two-time ASP World Champion and Australian sporting icon Mick Fanning is one of the most famous and popular surfers on the planet. Mick has been on The Search with Rip Curl since he was a young teenager and loves to escape the gruel of competitive surfing every chance he gets. [url=]

“Im a big iPhone and iPad geek so its great having a surfing app. It’s the perfect game to kill down time.” - Mick Fanning (2 x ASP World Champion)

“The Search concept is such a big part of Rip Curl’s culture and I’m glad we decided to focus on this for the game - traveling the world in search of perfect waves is what surfing is all about…” - Mick Fanning (2 x ASP World Champion)

Stephanie Gilmore: Steph Gilmore is surfing’s super girl. Three-time ASP World Champion. Everyone’s favourite. Our sport’s ever-smiling leading lady. The best. Steph is a house-hold name across the globe. After winning her first ASP event at age 17, Steph (now 22) has since collected nearly every major title in pro surfing. She is also the 2010 Laureus Action Sports Athlete Of The Year. [url=]


Surfing is a lifestyle. For many its a way of life. Its the chance to explore the world and chase adventure.
The opportunity to experience the unknown, seek something new, discover the undiscovered and search for fun most only dream of


Tilt Movement: Live The Search utilizes the iPhone’s “Tilt Movement” accelerometer technology, allowing the player to control the movement of your surfer by tilting the iPhone left or right.
Tilting to the right will make your surfer turn right and tilting left will turn them left - both on the face of the wave and above the lip when performing airs.

Swipe Controller: While many iPhone games use up-down-left-right controller pads, Live The Search features a high-tech swipe controller,
which holds the key to performing airs and making turns on a wave.
Use your finger to make directed swipes on screen to perform maneuvers, such as cutbacks on the wave and grabs and flips in the air.

Stall & Floater Buttons: On the left of the screen are the stall and floater buttons, which help position you in the right spot on the wave when you’re lining up for a big maneuver.

The Stall button will slow you down on the wave and help positioning.
The Floater button will help you float the lip of the wave with your board when you’re riding high and close to the barrel.

“5 Stars”
“This game is pretty darn intuitive. The feel is very smooth and, well, surfy. The graphics are smooth with very few glitches. Stoked.”

  • Editor, Surfline Reviews.

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