RIM for sale

few set rim and some with tyre to let go.
picture and detail below.
interesting pls call me or sms me at 0165751229 william

rim size:15x5 with tyre (used for one week only)
rim hole:4x100&110 (8hole)
tyre size:165/45x15 (95%)
only used for 1 week.

rim size:17x7 with tyre (used)
rim hole:5x114.3
tyre size:225/40x18 (50%)
[attachment=6]17x7 rim.jpg[/attachment]

3 set new rim below foc 1 set new allen key nut and 1 set new valve tube
rim size:17x7 (new)
rim hole:4x100&114.3 (8hole)
model s046 RM1200.00
model s019 RM1200.00
model s130 male and female RM1200.00

rim size:18x8 with tyre (used for two week only)
rim hole:5x114.3
tyre size:225/40x18 (50%)
[attachment=0]18x8 tyre.jpg[/attachment]


mine is atos… can fit in or not? 17"

PM me your contact no pls,i really interested with d s046 model

ya can no problem it is 8 hole rim…

pm reply

whos that in your avatar? she’s HAWT! :twisted:

dunno le take from foward mail. hehe she is so hot !!!


got any other nicer 18" rim?

second hand rim only got this.


u miri seller? whr ur shop? still got other 17" 7JJ 40Offset choice? wanna fit my myvi… more interesting got lips 1… like VIP rim…

ya miri. 17 inch i just got 3 set new rim. s130 not bad male and female. still got two set of s130.

can post other rim pic? S130 too sport… S046 not bad… wanna find more choice… then make decision…

17 i only got this 3 type only. s046 ya not bad. 1200 is cheap cheap already.

how much if include tyre? 205 40 one… u thr tyre got how many brand ?

sorry i din sell tyre. i think around 250- 280 per pc la.

do u have 5 hole x 120?

at the moment i din have 5 hole 120