‘Review design of junction leading to new township’

Pui shows the road junction leading to Sepupok New Township.

MIRI: Residents of Batu Niah are less than pleased by the poor condition of the road junction leading to Sepupok New Township along the Miri-Bintulu coastal road, about 70km from the city centre here.

“The road junction for entry into the township is too small and has no exit.

“Residents and other motorists are annoyed by the road junction every time they go to the town, as they would not be able to use the same junction to leave the area,” said Niah community leader Kapitan Pui Kuan Phen yesterday.

According to Pui, there is currently only one entrance in front of the traffic lights at the Sepupok New Township junction, and motorists are required to use a different route to exit.

“Besides having no way out, this junction is also very small and is only accessible by small and medium-sized vehicles,” he added.

Pui, who spoke on behalf of residents and traders of Niah, is appealing to the Public Works Department (JKR) to review and redesign the junction for the convenience of road users.

He stressed the need for the junction to be wider for easier access of vehicles entering and exiting the area.

“More people, including tourists, now go to Sepupok New Township due to it being located not far from Niah National Park,” he added.

Prior to the installation of the traffic lights in 2018, the Sepupok junction was an accident-prone site.

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