Returning Cycling

(one2many) #41

Oh, at least we have adult companion with us :slight_smile:
I need road bike badly.

(subarufreak96) #42

hey do you guys have facebook or any social networks.we can have a chat :smiley:

(allokitty) #43

[quote=“one2many”]Can anyone give a recommendation of shops in Miri where I can get an affordable road bike :slight_smile:
How old are you allokitty, where do you live? Maybe we three can meet and cycle together sometimes, I don’t have friend to enjoy this same interest.[/quote]

I recommend you go to Hiap Ho bike shop near Boulevard Mall, however a “decent” road bike will cost more than thousand unless you can find cheap 2nd hand unbranded models. My friend selling a used road bike still fetch around more than RM3000. But i guess the best bet for your current status is to convert your bike into a “FIXIE”. Try read this info from wikipedia: Fixed-gear bicycle - Wikipedia.
A fixie a simple single speed fixed gear bike, simple in mechanical, super cheap to built and fun to ride.

I’m old enough not to get scold but security guard or police if i jump around in the local park or places where bike should be. If the scold me they have to think twice. But if you guys cycle with me you have got to have “no fear” because the place i cycle guarantee to break your neck. Eg: leap over stair case, jump over the stair case, jump over ditches, ride and balancing on the wall ledge, slip though traffic, climb and balance on logs, drafting behind cars and etc. When i was young my parents have to buy two life insurance just for my security since i ride like mad man, 20 year later still ride like a mad man. I still continue my life insurance policy till now. So if you ride with me you guys better well equipped with helmet, glove and etc. My last riding companion crash into somebody shop lot and hit the ice cream freezer because he tried to jump between two gap that separate the road and the shop corridor,lol :lol:

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I want a road bike, not too expensive, I’m not going for a race or something.
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… I think you just bring subarufreak96 ler… :slight_smile:

(subarufreak96) #45

cant bring me yet…bicycle havent i dnt have the BMX tyres worn out and no much side im using a mountain bike tyres i dnt knw y my dad bought me that tyres!!! :shock: :shock:

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Btw, I wanna ask about road bike.

  1. I know road bike is good on pavement. So if sometimes on the road have sand, gravel, a bit of water, grass or other than smooth road, what would be the riding, is it hard, impossible or what?

  2. If I buy a road bike, can I use it as casual use, commuting and touring? I don’t want to race with it, or join the bicycle club as I know I would be buying a not really expensive road bike.

THANKS, PLEASE ANSWER IT! :slight_smile:

(allokitty) #47


(1) = Sure can but don’t try to do too much cornering when you encounter it.

(2) = Sure you can for casual use.

(one2many) #48

Would people be laughing at me if I use a road bike but don’t have cycling clothings or cycling shoes and all? Of course I would buy a helmet :slight_smile:

(allokitty) #49

Why people would laugh at you? People who cycle regardless what clothing you wear (but must use helmet) have higher mobility, flexibilty, cheaper solution and got guts to go green both money and health than sitting in the car and get honk in a traffic jam. Be proud dude. :wink:

(one2many) #50

I don’t know, maybe knowing that I would buy a cheap one. How much do you think the minimum price of road bike in Miri? Just now I found only one shop opened today, and the choices only two, the cheapest of the shop was RM780 :’(

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bump for the question

(pelahap) #52

I have a charity fund here with excess cash…

do you qualify?

(one2many) #53

what charity fund is that?

(pelahap) #54

i help poor people as part of my religion.

I have been saving up for a long time to help some families in need

(one2many) #55

Oh wow, that’s good. I think you should help others who need the most, I’m just wanting to buy a bike, not important at all. :slight_smile:

(pelahap) #56

ok then, maybe you can contribute to my charity

i will be going to the Sunflower Center on the weekend to help poor disabled children

(one2many) #57

Oh, you’re really good. God bless you.

(pelahap) #58

so are you coming?

I will be donating my old Nintendo Wii, old gaming PC (2008) some clothes and shoes

(one2many) #59

I don’t know bro, and I don’t know what can I donate. I’m really in need of money to buy a road bike.

(pelahap) #60

are you sure it is really a need?

these disadvantaged children can barely eat eat day, they rely on charity from us just to survive

RM 350 will give them a lot of food to eat so they do not die, or maybe they can buy some pencils and paper