Restaurant under Dillenia

There’s a restaurant opened under this Dillenia just beside Jasmine cafe. Wonder what the restaurant name is, there’s no sign! hahaha. Anyway, anyone been there? How was it?

dont even knw whr is that…huhu.

know the name le, " Time2Eat cafe"

yaya, u can try it~~~

name is good 2 hear, food mah~~~ em, x bad, u guys can try it~~~~

been there last week… eh…


that’s my comment.

this shop already closed? pass by there few times already but it is closed. or only open at night time?

chew … i tot restaurant under dillema … =.= … anyway, where is Jasmine Cafe ? can someone please provide specific location pls …

Yeah…no idea where this place is…name doesn’t ring a bell.