Respray car paint

may i knw where offer the cheapest car paint respray arr??how much for respray a wira?? :roll:

I think it depends on what type of colour you want to and if there any needed for welding job

if let sae using crystal paint n no welding lei??

crystal?? 2K paint ?? normally whole car excluding inside is at least 2K++

this q oso i owez pop up in my mind regrd whr to spray paint…

go T.L motor to spray only la…

workmanship wise…i dun think so…they r so many car to repair … :slight_smile:

then send to padang kerbau there lor…heard over there is good…but dunno which workshop at padang kerbau la…i mean which is the extact one…if u really want then i can give u the contact number of the mechanic there…

sprayed mine in lutong there…they did a good job…price around 3000…wira shud be cheaper

go to KONG WORKSHOP at padang kerbau there…

TL motor scuks de la~~kereta potong workshop

come come my workshop! akakaka~

teamGD, :!: when u got workshop de ah? urs one is photo workshop gua,hehehe :mrgreen:

aiyo maxi dont tease me… my dad’s d lor. akaka… come support support ar. pm me if wan see samples LOL @__@

team gd ur dad is which workshop

not mentioned in the this thread. at krokop hehe. but car spray not my dad’s business, is his apprentice. personally of cos i think the quality is good la. lol

lols personally got bias 1 or not~