Respiratory ailments on the rise in Miri

[size=150]Respiratory ailments on the rise in Miri[/size]
Posted on November 16, 2010, Tuesday

MIRI: People seeking treatments for respiratory sickness have been on the rise here of late.

This could probably be due to the re-emergence of haze in Miri which caused a spike in the sickness.

Medical officer-in-charge of Tudan Polyclinic, Dr Hartini Ahmad, said the number of patients seeking treatments there for breathing difficulty, asthma, cough and many respiratory related ailments had increased significantly, including for upper respiratory tract infections.

Majority of the cases involve kids and elderly, as well as those who have asthma and with chronic lung disease, she said when met by The Borneo Post at her office recently.

Asked on the percentage, Dr Hartini Ahmad said they had not come out with the statistics yet.

Asked for her advice, she reminded the people, especially those with lung problems and asthma, to not go out too often.

Do not go out for exercise too. When the haze is at its peak, particles inhaled from it will enter the lungs and could trigger asthma. And to those with asthma, stick to their medications, she added.

However, if people must go out, they should put on a mask, particularly those with asthmatic problem, because the particles could induce the exhibition of asthma and worsen the condition.

Haze contained tiny particles of burnt materials (if there was open burning), which when inhaled, could cause respiratory problems.

Dr Hartini warned that asthma was a very dangerous sickness.

It may sound like a simple disease but it could be dangerous if there was lack of treatment and late in giving urgent medication.

Therefore, prevention is better than cure. Before it gets serious, the patient must seek early treatment, Dr Hartini advised further.

In this warm and humid weather, Dr Hartini said it was better to drink more water and schools were advised to reduce outdoor activities.

IMHO, aftereffect of all the smokes & haze we inhale in past years…sigh