Residents protest at Prima Villa

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Thursday December 22, 2011
Residents protest against plan for access road in gated community

MIRI: They have spent hundreds of thousands of ringgit to buy the private vacant land at high prices and build their homes in the serenity and perceived safety of a guarded and fenced-up residential estate because the place was promoted as a gated community.

Some families were said to have spent more than a million ringgit. That was in the early 2000s.

Now, they received notice from a property developer who wants to break down the fencing and use the road in their housing estate as a public access road where trucks, excavators and heavy machinery can pass through so that a forested area behind the estate can be opened up for new housing projects.

Stunned by these sudden developments, the 260-odd residents of Prima Villa a gated, high-class re-sidential estate here yesterday staged a peaceful demonstration in front of the housing estate along the Miri-Brunei highway to voice their concerns.

The residents, made up mainly of professionals working in local and multinational companies and their families, staged a silent protest and then handed over written petitions to the developers and the state authorities, including SUPP office and the State Land and Survey Department.

The Prima Villa Residents Committee chairman, Peter Chia, and its office-bearers also met with Miri Mayor Lawrence Lai and Naim Cendera, the property developer for the project 10 years ago.

Chia said the committee had recently received a notice from a property developer, Yung Lung Holdings Sdn Bhd, that it would use Prima Villa as access route to develop a housing project behind the residential estate.

We, the residents, have spent our life savings to build a home here because it was a gated community.

Many expatriates and foreigners paid high prices to build their homes via the Malaysia-My-Second-Home programme in Prima Villa here because of the added-privacy and security features.

Opening the area to trucks and heavy machinery will spoil the environment and jeopardise the safety of the residents, he told reporters after meeting Lai.

Chia said there were alternative roads that could be used without having to cut through Prima Villa.

Lai said he would look into the issue and forward the case to the State Land and Survey Department.

I understand the plight of the Prima Villa residents. They bought their land and built their homes there because of safety and environmental considerations since it is a gated community.

There may be other access routes that can be used. This is a gated community, a housing concept quite new to Miri and Sarawak. So far, there are only two gated communities in Miri Prima Villa and Bayshore.

These development issues affect the welfare of the residents, he told reporters after the meeting.

Naim Cendera general manager for Sales and Marketing, Alice Ting, also met the residents and received a petition on the matter from them.

She said her companys top bosses in Kuching knew about this matter and were looking into it.

blood sucking Naim dont give a damn, when profit is their major priority…

there are only two gated communities in Miri Prima Villa and Bayshore.

then what greenville called?

highly gated?? wwowww sound impressive and luxurious.

based on own observation, PrimaVilla =front-gated (with security ‘hut’ some more), back and side-gateless, same goes with GreenVille, not quite sure with BayShore but they do have ‘china great wall’ along the main road before entering into the area. oh boyyy is this what we call ‘highly gated community’?

Fencing up an area together with the roads (contending a small community) is called “gated” and the roads belong solely to the people within the fenced up zone? Public vs private ownership isn’t?

honestly, if robbers are intent on robbing a house, i think even landmines will not deter them, much less a gate.

rich buggers living in gated community cutting themselves off from the rest of the population while the rest of us suffers in silence at the lack of security and the general lawlessness.

these state of insecurity and general lawlessness and helplessness… tell me these rich bugger’s hands are clean and are not the contributory factors.

Chinese version on the silent protest: … Itemid=63#.

Wanna hold silence protest at the lack of security and the general lawlessness?

my hse of got gate.

they have oney …they hv name …jus do wat u want …surely will take effect …

good lesson for those sombong rich ass inside there…not only no fences and securities but also heavy machine…

How u know people in there sombong rich? lol

[quote=“restige”]Chinese version on the silent protest: … Itemid=63#.

Wanna hold silence protest at the lack of security and the general lawlessness?[/quote]
The Prima Villa Residents Committee chairman, Peter Chia…This old man is working in Shell Lutong. those ppl takut mati punya. of course not daring to make it big… If not mistaken, Dai Lieng boss also staying here. ahh…this guy kedekut one.

Ng Sian Hup’s daughter also staying there. spent >RM2Mil to renovate the house.