Residents in low-lying Taman Tunku living in suspense

A car braving the floodwaters at Jalan Durin.

MIRI: Several residents in low-lying residential areas in Taman Tunku got anxious when an hour-long heavy rain around 11am caused flash floods in the area yesterday.

Some of them moved their cars to higher ground while some started to pack their things in case the rain continued.

A resident at Jalan Durin in Taman Tunku who wished to be known as Rose, in her 50s, said she would panic whenever there was continuous heavy rain.

“During the last flash flood, which was the worst in history, we suffered huge losses to our properties.

“When the rainwater started to overflow from the drain yesterday, I started to panic and got my husband to move our car parked by the roadside to our relatives’ house on higher ground,” she said when contacted yesterday.

Rose said her neighbours who were prepared this time were also doing the same thing.

“During the last flash flood, we were caught off guard and some cars got submerged, causing huge loss to properties.

“Furthermore, the last flash flood happened late in the night when most residents were asleep,” she added.

She was hugely relieved when the heavy rain suddenly stopped around 12.50pm and the water, which had submerged the road, subsided.

“We were happy but we will continue to monitor the situation to avoid any untoward incident,” she said.

Source: The Borneo Post

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