Residential air conditioner suggestions?

pana not so cold…my previous exprienced…quite noisy also.

the price really expensive…not affordable to buy this brand.other brand also can cooling place.

yeah, panasonic aircond is noisy.
You can avoid it by increase the temperature.
do not set it to 16 during sleep hours, otherwise I think you will not fall as sleep easily.

I used Daikin so far so good
it is still chill although already 2-3 years
even though the temperature is between 24-27C

yeah, read many in lowyat forum. I think the main reason is because of their intelligent cooling system… smart to detect the temperature and adjust it to ensure the chill can reach to every place. Never try out panasonic before. So nothing much to comment, but heard it’s long lasting.

It’s actually depend on which model. Different models different features, of course the price will be different…
You can try to get the 1.0 standard air cond, the price is affordable and the cooling is not bad either…