Residential air conditioner suggestions?

hi all end users of house aircon in Miri,

i wants to buy a new aircon for my new house, i shortlisted my choices of brand of the aircon from shops in Miri.
as i need 1.5 hp.

among the brands of YORK, PANASONIC, GREE, SHARP & HITACHI, i wanna find out the reliable of the each brands of the aircons, which above that is most reliable & (boleh tahan lama) & energy savings too? which are the best in usage for house in Miri??? or u could suggests me other brands too???

can anyone here can suggests me which brands should i go for it & take???

& where can i get the brand u suggested??? hope someone has experiences of the usage of aircon?

pls give me suggestions & comments! thanks!

have an nice day! Cheers!


house is using Panasonic for more than 15 yrs, still functioning although last yr got leak water, but after techinician come fix we still using till now, no company, its 2hp for my living room

Panasonic and Daikin are the 2 brands that has the least complains according to an air-con service contractor albeit Daikin being the more costlier.

How bout York & Carrier

Hi all,
I’ve no axe to grind but all the units installed when we did the big reno 8 years ago were National, now Panasonic.
All made in Malaysia units. Good units and good service by the installer.
Kept two old Samsung splits but replaced them with Panasonic Inverter units three years ago.
The Samsung units are still going OK in our other place!
Replaced a ceiling cassette unit two years ago with an Inverter unit.
The Inverters have dramatically lowered the electric consumption.
I use Globe Aircon in Miri as my contractor.


I also used Panasonic aircons the last 5 years without problems as well.

Now I want to upgrade to Inverter Multisplit aircons.

Does someone knows where to get Multisplit Inverter aircons (1 outside unit, 3 or 4 inside unit) ?

Thanks for all the suggestions & comments given in this forum,

now i narrowed down my purchases list of variety of aircon.

can anyone here tell me among PANASONIC, YORK & DAIKIN aircon which r the Best? which 1 is energy/power savings more??? or more powerful??? i only need 1.5 hp only…

Compare to Panasonic & York? any differences of the two brands of aircon??? tell me the differences???

& which is more reliable(tahan lama) & low maintenance costs???

oh yes! aircon end users in Miri…

i also wants to know what is the differences of York & Panasonic Aircon? any differences in view of reliability & heavy usages for household during current hot seasons in Miri?

which is the Best? which is energy-saving more???

any comments! pls give…thanks!

daikin is among the best ? i dunno… but daikin quite expensive compare to panasonic or york/samsung etc…?

maybe experts here can shed some light on this

nowadays panasonic quality have drop. this is heard from some people. so hows the reliability now?
hows york? mitsubishi? sharp?

Im using SHARP and CARRIER. So far so good. Using for 9 years.Reliable. HOwever, i have a few friends using midea. Very cold but dont know reliable not. Hehe.

hi all aircon end-users in Miri,

is it true tht inverter aircon can save electricity power of 60%? i asked few aircon retailers in miri, they all said like tht?

is retailers in Miri can be trusted??? do anyone has a tests of inverter aircon??? wat’s the results then???

but the price of inverter aircon slightly higher than normal aircon!

how abt inverter aircon maintenance costs? is it very high costs compare to normal aircon???

any comments pls posts on it! thanks!

have an nice day!

You can read my earlier post.
There is NO absolute number on the saving in electricity consumption because of all the variables but, in a “like for like” situation, the inverter unit will normally show quite a saving . . . . I think 60% is a bit of an exaggeration though.
By the way, the DC drive inverter system is also happening in fridges, washing machines, etc.

Looking for a budget and 1.5hp air conditioner brand/model below RM1400 plus back to back installation. Any reccomendation guys?

Residential air conditioner complete cooling the air; pass passed the superstore actual that after 20 time period change back or replace presently by the point the heat settle .

Yup, daikin is the least complain… Read many forum, the comments is either neutral or positive.
Last month, only I take the order of Daikin. So far so good, silent and good in cooling.

It’s depend on models actually.
But, cannot deny that inverter is expensive compare to others…
The only reason i can think of is probably they are expect in cooling? since they entitled as the cooling king.

inverter quite expensive…non inverter also good…i use usual ac but the cooling still good…

i heard many positive comment also bout this brand…but i use pnsonic…performance quite good and affordable price…