Reps suggests postponing temporary relocation of Long San Health Clinic

Dennis (sitting, third left) with Anyi on his left and participants of the dialogue session. Also seen is Dr Veronica (sitting, third right).

LONG SAN, Baram: There is a need to postpone the temporary relocation of Long San Health Clinic in Ulu Baram to Samling Kilo 10, from Jan 1 next year to a date when the proposed project to rebuild the clinic is confirmed.

Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau said although the building of a new health clinic in Long San has been approved and announced under federal Budget 2020, the exact construction period to start and complete the project has not been ascertained.

“We want the construction of this new clinic to be accelerated. Although in the 2020 Budget, the federal government said that the Long San Health Clinic was going to be built, I was quite surprised as frankly I do not know when it is going to be.

Dennis (third left) in a photo call with Long San Health Clinic staff and the local community.

“Usually, if it has been announced like that, it will start immediately. But I know that to build a beautiful clinic, it would take some time,” he said.

“So, if I may, I would suggest to postpone the relocation to Kilo 10, that is scheduled to take place on Jan 1 next year, to a later date until we get confirmation on when the new clinic project will commence,” he added.

Dennis was speaking at a dialogue with the Long San community regarding the relocation of the clinic recently. It was part of a ‘Meet-the-People Session’ conducted by Miri Division Health Office led by its officer Dr Veronica Lugah.

Baram MP Anyi Ngau was present at the meeting. It is learnt that DAP Pujut assemblyman Dr Ting Tiong Choon was expected to be present to represent the federal government.

Dennis and Long San Health Clinic staff inspecting the condition of Long San Health Clinic.

Despite health matters being under the care of the federal government, Dennis said he and Anyi made it a point to travel all the way to Long San to attend the community engagement programme with regards to the proposal to move Long San Health Clinic temporarily to Samling Baram Central Base Camp, or better known as Kilo 10.

“We were present to understand the need to relocate the clinic which had created an uproar among the rural community of Long San and the surrounding longhouses comprising Kayan, Kenyah and Penan communities,” he added.

Meanwhile, Dr Veronica emphasised that the relocation of the health clinic to Kilo 10 is temporary pending the completion of the new building.

“The Long San Health Clinic project has been announced in the Budget 2020 presentation.

“Prior to the completion of the project, the clinic services will be divided into two – static clinic at Kilo 10 and mobile clinic where provision is required especially for the drivers,” she added.

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