Reporter horrified to find maggots crawling in chicken dinner

The piece of fried chicken that contained maggots inside.

MIRI: A reporter attached to The Borneo Post received a nasty shock after he found maggots crawling all over a piece of chicken that was part of his dinner.

“I ordered the ‘lalapan ayam’ meal that had two pieces of fried chicken for dinner at a restaurant here. As I was enjoying my meal, I found that the second piece of chicken was covered in maggots on the inside, while the first was fine,” the 28-year-old staff reporter said.

“I immediately called the waiter over and told him about it. He brought the dish back to the kitchen. I was hoping for an explanation but to my disappointment, no one came to offer an apology or explain the situation. After waiting with a friend for about ten minutes, I got very upset and decided to leave.

“At the cashier counter, the cashier expressed his apologies after being asked about what will they do to tackle the situation. He said the meal was not included in the bill as they did not expect it to ever happen at the restaurant. It was the first time that I had encountered such a disgusting sight,” he said, adding that he would be lodging a report with the relevant authorities.

The restaurant’s food safety and handling procedures as to ensure the safety of their food and health of their guests was unsatisfactory, he expressed.

“I hope that more people will be cautious in choosing their favorite dish and foods, especially Muslims, when breaking fast during this month of Ramadan,” he added.

Source: The Borneo Post

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