Rep suggests cloud seeding over Miri

Ting distributing face masks to pupils of SJK© Chung Hua Lutong.

MIRI: The relevant authority should consider conducting cloud seeding as several areas of the city have been hit by peat fire due to the current dry spell that has contributed to poor air quality.

Piasau assemblyman Datuk Sebastian Ting made this suggestion yesterday as he was concerned about the impact of the fire which had destroyed almost 100 hectares of peat areas in Kuala Baram.

“Although there was heavy downfall reported at certain areas in Miri, the volume of the rainfall was unable to ease the hazy condition.

“Thus, I hope that the relevant authority would look at the need to conduct cloud seeding operation for the city.”

At the same time, he advised members of the public not to discard any flammable items at the roadside or even in the jungle.

With the current dry spell, he said items like glass bottles can act as a lens to start a fire.

He also advised motorists not to leave flammable items in their cars during this hot weather.

Earlier, concerned for the students’ health, Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Piasau branch distributed some 5,400 face masks to three schools in Lutong area around 7am.

The fire which occurred at the peat forested area and farmland in Kuala Baram since Monday has emitted thick smoke which contributed to the hazy condition and the deterioration of air quality.

The distribution of the face masks was led by Ting, who is also SUPP Piasau branch chairman.

The affected schools were SJK© Chung Hua Lutong, SK Lutong and SMK Lutong.

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