Rep: Look for long-term handicrafts’ market

Rep: Look for long-term handicrafts’ market

By : NewsDesk

Date Posted : Thursday 22-Sep-2016

TINJAR, BARAM: The women of Long Aya in Ulu Tinjar are encouraged to make contact with local handicraft business people in town to market their products on long-term basis.

Telang Usan Assemblyman Dennis Ngau made the call during a ‘Leader With The People’ Session that doubled as a working visit to Long Aya, Ulu Tinjar in Baram on Monday.

He also encouraged the people there to find ways to invite companies to develop their lands on joint-venture basis as not everybody who owns lands is able to utilise it with cash crop such as oil palm or rubber.

Dennis also urged the people to maintain unity as it is the paramount backbone of longhouse existence.

He advised them to stay united in all matters especially in selecting the candidate for the post of Tua Kampung (TK) which at the moment is still vacant.

According to the acting village chief of the Kenyah community at Long Aya, there are 80 people residing in the 28-door village.

During the visit, Dennis handed over minor rural project (MRP) allocation of RM10,000 for the Village Security and Development Committee (JKKK), RM10,000 for the Church, and RM5,000 for the Women Bureau.

Also present were Charles Balan Seling, a political secretary to the Chief Minister; Ulu Tinjar community leader Penghulu Joseph Belulok and Councillor Jarau Braim. Long Aya, Ulu Tinjar is about four hours by 4WD vehicles from Miri city.

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