Rep cautious about design of Baram Dam

MIRI: A review on every aspect must be made before proceeding with the construction of the proposed Baram Dam if the site is within close vicinity to two fault lines as shown in the seismotectonic map showing earthquake fault lines in Sarawak.

In giving this view, Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau agreed that review must be made on the existing planning and design to enable the dam to withstand the impact of mega disasters such as earthquakes.

Although Sarawak including Baram where the proposed dam is going to be sited is far away from the volcanic ring as compared to Ranau, Sabah, it is important that we must make the review to avoid mass disaster in the future, said Dennis when contacted yesterday.

The assemblyman believed the design including new technology would be able to withstand the impact of natural disasters.

I also believe that the building plan will blend with the nature or environment. We must adapt and study the technology of other countries in building dams. There are around 300,000 dams built throughout the world, so far we didnt hear of any dam collapsed by earthquakes.

Acknowledging the peoples worries over the possibility of the dam collapsing due to natural disasters, Dennis assured that the government would not simply proceed with the mammoth project without taking into consideration safety and its impact on the environment.